As I started practising as a spine surgeon I got various questions regarding preventing spine diseases especially regarding disc herniation and degenerative spine disease. Explaining to online patients needs a real-time demonstration of pain relief exercises. Thus I come out with an idea of making a video of pain relief exercises.            

We as a doctor advise so many things to patients regarding prevention and early recognition of the diseases. Least practised is by the doctors themselves. At least at this juncture, I want to include some practices to prevent spine problems. Spine stretch exercises are simple, hardly takes 10 minutes. These exercises are for all the doctors and not only for those who already have a back pain problem. Of course, we all know that maintaining good posture, maintaining adequate weight, maintaining adequate sleep posture keeps spine related problems away, I don’t want to repeat same here. At least once go through the video and try to inculcate it in your daily routine.