Here are 5 things you need to change in your posture if you frequently suffer from back pain-

1. Sit Straight.

Most problems can be solved by this simple tip.

How to sit in a chair 

2. Use Chairs of Proper Height 

By using the right chair height, you can avoid bending forward while working. You must also keep your monitor at eye level so you don't need to bend your neck forward too much.

This is how you have to operate the Computer. The Monitor should be at the level of your eyes and the keyboard at the level of your elbows

3. Stand Properly. 

No unwanted posing please!

4. Avoid Bending forward

  • Use a stool for tying shoe laces. 
  • While lifting heavy objects, pay attention while picking the object from the ground and make sure you distribute it's weight properly.
The proper way to tie shoe laces.
The proper way to lift heavy objects. Notice how the spine is always straight and the movement happens in hip and knee joints and not the spine. 

5. Don't compromise on posture while driving

If you regularly drive two wheelers, make sure that your vehicle's suspensions and other shock absorbing parts are in a good condition.