The festivities are over now and you find yourself a few kilos heavier along with lethargic feeling. We all tend to overload our systems during this season. Indulgence has been at its peak and what we probably need right now is to detox and clean up with right nutrition to spring back to normal. 

Try to follow following tips so that we will feel more energetic and can improve our overall health:

  • Start your day by drinking warm water with a lemon squeezed in it.
  • Keep yourself hydrated with plain water, coconut water, green tea. Fluids flush out all the toxins. Add a little mint, cinnamon, lemon or apple slices for flavour.
  • Post-Diwali cut down on packaged foods, sugar, refined flour and baked items. Instead take jaggery, whole grain atta, brown rice in your diet.
  • Have more fruits and veggies which leave you a feeling fuller for long and make a point of eating different types and colours.
  • Don't give longer gaps in between two meals (not more than four hours) and take some kind of protein in every meal which will keep blood sugar levels stable and curb unwanted cravings.
  • Chew each mouthful slowly, focusing on your food and eat until only about three quarters of the stomach is full. 

Some breakfast options are oats with milk/wholegrain porridge/vegetable daliya/fruit platter.

Some lunch options are salads and yogurt, brown rice khichdi or brown rice with lots of vegetables/ whole grain rotis with lightly cooked vegetables. 

Some dinner options are spinach soup/dal soup and salad with some protein 

Some snacking options are steamed lentils/ smoothies/ green tea and fruits / buttermilk/ tofu snacks/ nuts etc.