Mosquitoes have always been the deadliest of pests and been an exceptionally potent vector of many life threatening diseases. And to amplify the worse, monsoons don’t help the cause either. Mosquitoes are notoriously known to reproduce and thrive in stagnant water outlets or storages. Having stated that, monsoons provide the mosquitoes with ample space to regenerate and that is essentially why you hear about diseases like dengue, chikungunya, malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases to be propagating at such high rates in this season. Though it can be life threatening at times, we assure you that you can avoid all of it with a little help of Ayurveda! Let’s begin on how!

Apply Neem Oil With Your Regular Moisturizer As A Natural Mosquito Repellent: Mosquito bites can lead to extreme rash and itching all over the body and may infect you with worse mosquito borne diseases you’ve already heard about! While you can put mosquito nets on bed and other small spaces, it’s impossible to carry it everywhere you go! But mosquitoes do move with you. We suggest you to add a few drops of neem oil with your moisturizer and apply it all over your body to escape any mosquito bites even when your skin is exposed. Neem is a wonderful natural repellent for mosquitoes and it helps you to protect your skin with antibacterial properties.

Light A Camphor Cube For A Mosquito Free Zone: While you can use neem oil to make your own mosquito repellent for wherever you go, you can also make your room a mosquito free zone by lighting a small piece of camphor cube in there. Simply light it up and avoid ingesting the smoke while it burns in your room. Once you light a camphor in a closed space, you can enter your room in fifteen minutes and you’ll be surprised to see all mosquitoes gone!

Use Herbs And Shrubs To Repel Mosquitoes Around Your Safe Haven: Another natural way to cheat the mosquitoes is by installing or planting a few herbs and shrubs out there in your vicinity to avoid the regeneration of mosquitoes in your area. Tulsi, Marigold or Lemongrass can help your cause while simultaneously infusing your house with an amazing fragrance as an added advantage!

In addition to all of these, we suggest you to look out for stagnant water stored in any nook or corner and empty it to avoid growth of mosquito larvae in there. Sanitizing local water body resources shall help you ensure hygiene as well as a disease free ambiance. You can also use mosquito nets and be fully clothed to avoid them further. This monsoon should not be about mosquitoes anymore!