Chronic constipation is a  debilitating disease and an embarrassment.  If your Alimentary Tract is sick so would be your mind and body and vice versa too. The High level of Pollution in your body is like the heap of Filth, Garbage made up of decayed food laced with germs and bacteria. And it is primarily attributed to intakes of modern day food, and maintaining a very poor lifestyle. Imagine this polluted tummy nourishing our Mind through the impurity laden blood! 

Flushing some more toxic chemicals to clean the system full of Fermented and Putrefied items may not be a great idea.

There are numerous approaches to solving constipation. But let's ponder over the profile of a typical patient who gets into this condition. These patients are generally under stress, don't exercise, hardly drink water and have a very low fibre content in their diet. This type of constipation is the functional Constipation and 80% of the patients come to get this problem resolved.  They are popping laxatives. Additionally what is pitiable is that their session with the doctors has no discussions on Fibrous Diet, Water, and Exercise.  These 3 top priority items are getting the least attention during the patient-physician session. Instead Laxative, Enema, and nonessential drugs are dominating the conversations. 

The colonic motility of severely constipated patients is slowly inching towards its death. The frustration of the patients is all time high and they are not able to stay away from Laxatives and Enema for long.  So how does one restore the normal functioning of bowels?  The answer is to focus on underlying causes. There can be numerous causes beyond a lack of fibrous diet, water, and Exercise. 

The Journey of a Constipated Cosmopolitan Man

There is no single Homeopathic Remedy that can be given to all constipated patients. This Catchall approach is not available in Homoeopathy.  Below is an illustration to help you get acquainted with the Homoeopathic way of Individualised treatment. There are numerous medicines available in Homoeopathy but the one that suits the Person will be offered.  Homoeopathic Physician will give you a separate medicine for each of the following symptoms because Homoeopathy treats the person (underlying cause) and not the disease. 

  1. The stool is hard, impacted and there is no urge to pass for days together.
  2. The stool is soft but the bowel movement is slow.  Incomplete defecation/evacuation occurs causing bloating, Gas and Unsatisfactory stools.
  3. Rectum is not able to exert sufficient force to expel
  4. There is total loss of power in rectum
  5. There is no urge to stool

Note that constipation should not be taken lightly because the unfinished faecal matter is poisonous. You not only need to ensure that the unhealthy Gut is treated bit also draw a plan with your Doctor for ensuring a healthy colon. Also, say no to processed food. It's worth working hard in the Kitchen.  Don't hesitate to reach out to your doctor if the problem is now long-standing, causing mental unrest and you are spending more than 5-10 minutes in the toilet.