Renal disorders are increasing nowadays, may be reasons are many including self medication, food habits, exposure to certain chemicals, lifestyle etc. As kidney is a very important organ to maintain equilibrium of body by eliminating the waste from our body or filtering blood - its health is must.

Based on my experience in treating kidney disorders I am suggesting the world to go for Ayurveda in case of such conditions.                                       

Few reasons why AYURVEDA is more beneficial in such conditions are:

  1. In Ayurveda we use natural medicines (Organic compounds) which can be easily absorbed and also eliminated without extra efforts.
  2. Natural medicines can stimulate Nephrons and help for regaining its function.
  3. Researches prove that natural medicines used in AYURVEDA can improve structural and functional integrity of kidney better than any other medication.
  4. In case of kidney disorders any medication containing synthetic chemicals cause further problem as it is the organ filtering those chemicals to eliminate them.
  5. As kidney has many functions other than filtration like assistance in blood synthesis, maintaining blood pressure etc, multiple systems are involved in kidney disorders. As Ayurveda treats body as a whole, instead of giving many medicines we can use single medicine acting in multiple systems involved in pathogenesis of  disease.
  6. The medicines used are very much safe, instead of side effects we will get side benefits. 
  7. As we give disease modifying medications for root cause and not symptomatic managements like other systems whatever improvements we get will be long lasting.
  8. As all the medicines are natural ones we can use in any age, any severity with certain modifications.