Emotional intelligence is about recognising and channelising your own as well as others' feelings to achieve success and well being. 

Some tips- 

1) See yourself as others see you. We are afraid to know what the world thinks of us, when you come face to face with your own nature, it may be easier to work on your problem areas 

2). Develop empathy. Recognize the needs and emotions of others. Before you get judgemental, put yourself in their shoes.

 3) Listen to understand and not to react.

 4). Be up when the odds are down. Keeping calm in the worst of situations will get you faster to the solution. 

 5) Apologise first, blame later! You will carry less emotional baggage.

 6) Keep away from hatred and jealousy, the most negative, stress inducing, anti wellness emotions. 

 7) Listen to your gut feeling. The knot at the pit of your stomach when you do a wrong is not a myth, stressful emotions actually restrict blood flow and affect contractility of the digestive tract. Positive emotions are great vasodilators, so the flutter in your heart when you see that ' special' one will benefit your cardiovascular health more than any drug.