Blood Pressure is a common problem in almost every household in India. It largely affects people with more than 35 years of age, but there is no bar. Anyone can have blood-pressure issues. So, if you have blood pressure, you must know the irregularities that come with it. But do you know the symptoms to look out for, in order to check if your blood pressure is worsening?

Apart from your regular symptoms, here are the red flags to look out for:

  • Difficulty in breathing 
  • Vision blurs a little 
  • Passing of blood along with urine 
  • Continuing and severe headache 
  • Frequently fluctuating blood pressure

While above are some of the red flags, there are no certain signs. The only way is to keep track of your blood pressure. Worsening blood pressure can be fatal for your heart, brain, and even eyes. So, make sure you monitor your Blood Pressure and go for regular check-ups with the doctor sharing your latest symptoms and conditions with him.