Amit Shah (BJP) is admitted at AIIMS due to Swine Flu. State of Rajasthan has declared a health Emergency & Cancelled Leaves of Serving Doctors because the State is in Grip of Swine Flu. More cases are reported from Jaipur because the hospitals have facilities to Test & Make a Diagnosis.

Maybe the numbers are a lot more than 50, proved by tests.

Is Swine Flu a deadly flu,unlike routine Flu?

It is highly infectious.

Reason for every member in the family catching the virus,in-case one member brings in the infection.

Lab tests are expensive & a clinical diagnosis is made by GP.

Though it is preventable by a vaccine,if the person can afford the tests.

Swine Flu virus,like other viruses keep mutating & vaccination done this year,may not be valid next year.

Like other viral flu, this Swine flu is also Self Limiting & there is No Specific Therapy to kill the virus.

H1N1 Flu ( Swine Flu ) Virus has nothing to do with Pigs.

It is called Swine Flu because in the past,the people who caught it had direct contact with pigs.

That changed several years ago,when a new virus emerged that spread among people who had never been near pigs.

But the name stays on.

And it is a normal seasonal influenza.

Why is morbity & mortality high?

1) Heavy medication leading to multi organ failure, specially if heavy antibiotics are given,when they are not required.

2) Dehydration

3) Proper Nourishment not given.

4) Restful life not observed, being in a hurry to join work/school before total recovery has taken place ( approximately 1 week)

Hygiene not maintained by bath and proper clothing.

Virus is present in sweat & it is possible to infect self again ( auto infection) along with people who are living with the affected person.

Total Isolation is a must therapy,whether observed at home or at hospitals.

Do not go to hospital because there are chances of getting infected from other patients who are tested positive for the virus and there are chances to spread the infection,in-case the person having routine Influenza is unknowingly positive for this virus.

Remember that we are Not VIPs,who will be given a separate room to recover 

Our treating GP can guide us better about treatment of Swine Flu

It is Holistic approach which requires-

1) Paracetamol is safest medicine for fever & associated body-ache.

2) Lots of water & high protein simple diet in different forms like diluted toned Milk as beverages of choice, Clear soups, Coconut water,fat-free biscuits and others as semi solid nourishment. 

3) Dehydration is More common during winters because of fear of drinking more water.

4) Avoid heavy foods which put loads on digestive system & weaken the liver.

Avoid heavy carbs like maida, heavy proteins like meats & pulses which cause distention & Heavy fats 

5) Restful life.

6) Hygiene to be maintained by bath and to wear cottons as inner clothing which can absorb the sweat & can be washed daily to keep killing the virus emitted through sweat.  

7) Isolation at home does not mean that the person does not interact with the family members.

Remember that we are not interested in numbers

We are interested in recovery only.

In case of clearing doubts about disease do visit a lab to get tested about the type of fever.

After suffering from fever for 3 days, one needs to rule out bacterial infections like Typhoid and others.

First 3 days of treatment is as explained above & tests become positive after some time.

Take care and Boost immunity to fight diseases by taking lots of Vitamin C in natural form through lemon juice & Citrus fruits.