Ayurved is the oldest and most scientific ancient medical science about 5000 year old. It explains detail treatment methodology for children under the caption of Kaumarbhritya (Ayurvedic Pediatrics) among its eight branches of various treatment departments. Kaumarbhritya deals not only with the health of children but also with the health of parents & child both simultaneous starts from the benign i.e. role of preconception treatment of couple known as Garbha-Samskar (Complete Pre – Pari & Post Natal Care). For the better health of child, ayurvedic science had developed many types of medication inform of small pills, lincs (avaleha / Prashan), syrups etc. for better palatability to child in comparison to powders, decoctions, paste etc.

 Since Vedic time to till date traditionally parents are giving pure cow ghee & pure honey in unequal portion or jaggery & ghee or only honey or only ghee or drops of pure gold which is rubbed in water on a clean grinding stone and given to baby with ghee & honey immediately just after birth as tonic (in Gujarati this thing is known as “Galathuthi- ગળથુથી)”. This tonic promotes the general health, growth & developments, complex and protects them from various infectious diseases (Grahabadha) and bust up their immune system. This kind of herbo – mineral tonic are mostly prescribed in ayurvedic text as lincs i.e. form of medicines knows as Prashan.

Suvarna Prashan is a divine medicine prepared from Suvarna Bhasma/raj (a classically processed purified Gold powder), pure honey, pure or medicated ghee and other ayurvedic herbs. It is prepared in form of avaleh (Lincs) and on particular star time i.e. Pushya Nakshatra. Suvarna Prashan is blissful, virtuous and auspicious for children. It facilitates the healthy growth and developments of sharis dhatus (body tissues), improves complex of skin and protect against infectious diseases known in ayurvedic science as “Grah Badha”. With regular practice of Suvarna Prashan to child, it improves their immunity, mental strength, memory power, grasping power, attitude, digestion, speech along with physical strength & reduces complications during teething period. It also enhances the immunity of children against various seasonal diseases & allergic conditions. Based on studies carried out by various ayurvedic research centers it is found that Suvarna Prashan accelerates the immunity  by increasing specific defense mechanism cells i.e. WBC, immunoglobulin, T- Cells, antibodies etc. It also produces new antibodies against various microorganisms. Result & conclusion of various ayurvedic research works carried out at Kaumarbhritya Department, I.P.G.T. & R.A., Gujarat Ayurved University – Jamnagar on Suvarna Prashan are very positive & encouraging. Even ayurvedic doctors who are practicing Suvarna Prashan traditionally in all over India also support the same fact by their experience.

Here, one thing should be brought up in mind that practice of Suvarna Prashan to child must be under the guidance and supervision of Registered Ayurvedic Doctors only. All should be aware of cheap & adulterate Suvarna Prashan available in market or various stores. Please don’t purchase or practice such Suvarna Prashan to your child, because improper prepared & entrusted Suvarna Bhasma in form of Suvarna Prashan may be harmful to your child’s health.

Other than Suvarna Prashan, any kind of ayurvedic medicines or preparations must be taken under guidance of registered ayurvedic doctors only. It may be hazardous to any one’s health to use ayurvedic medicine which is prescribed in newspapers, various advertisements or by fake & quake ayurvedic doctors (Non Registered / Non Degree Holder Doctors etc.). One should keep in mind that as per Indian Medicine Central Council Act, 1970 (48 of 1970) and the Practitioners of Indian Medicine (Standards of Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Code of Ethics) Regulations, 1982, no one can prescribe any ayurvedic medicines i.e. herbal, herbo-mineral or mineral; as it is not included in their syllabus. Hence, for any kind of Ayurvedic treatment one should be preferred registered ayurvedic doctors only.


On each & every Pushya Nakshatra or daily, child should be sited either in front of temple (in house) or in northern, eastern or north-east corner/ direction of house; facing face toward east or north directions and Suvarna Prashan should be given to them by Chanting Gayatri Mantra or named of any beloved God with holy heartedly.