Some people think of winters as an opportunity to hide their extra body fat by putting on warm and heavy clothes and believe that they can eat anything. But you know what? These winters are best to reduce your extra fat and stay healthy.

Here are some tips to stay healthy and fit in winters:

  • Add makki roti, ragi roti, bajra roti and winter vegetables like saag, methi and spinach etc. in your diet. Seasonal food intake has more nutritive value.
  • Fill up on soups with fibre (no dressing) and add seeds like flax seeds, sunflower seeds. Non-vegetarians can add salmon fish and eggs.
  • Fill up with a healthy grain / high fibre not cereal with dried fruits like almonds, walnuts, dates, peanuts and makhaney.
  • Relish eating roll pinni, panjiri and laddoos in winters as a mid-meal snack (no extra fat on the tummy if you have it in moderation).
  • To boost immunity, have ginger, tulsi, turmeric, cinnamon "masala chai"
  • Select carbs that satiate like vegetables, sweet potatoes or those with protein and fibre like beans should be in bulk in your diet.
  • Don't skip any meal. Eat according to your appetite.
  • Best time to have vitamin D from the sun. For dry skin apply few drops of coconut oil, desi ghee or almond oil daily before going to bed and immediately after taking bath.

Drinks to warm you in cold weather:

1. Clove Drink- for good digestion and controls acidity. Boil 2-3 cloves in one glass of water and have it lukewarm once in a day. 

2. Raw coriander drink-for headache. Soak one tablespoon coriander powder or seeds in one glass of water overnight. Have it lukewarm early morning. 

3. Cinnamon drink -- for controlling diabetes and cholesterol. Boil cinnamon sticks 1-2 for 10 minutes at low flame in one glass of water. Have it lukewarm in morning. 

4. Ginger drink -- for indigestion, after heavy meals, during restlessness.     Boil one small slice of ginger in one glass of water. Sieve and have it lukewarm. 

5. Small cardamom drink -- for a toothache and better digestion.Boil 2-3 small cardamoms for 3 minutes in one glass of water. Sieve and have it lukewarm. Big cardamom drink can be prepared in the same way and used during hiccups. 

6. Zeera drink -- removes toxins and combat acidity. Roast ½ teaspoons zeera. When it turns to brown, add 1 cup of water into it and boil for 3 minutes, cool it, sieve and have it lukewarm. 

7. Fennel drink -- for burping and controlling the gas formation, (and bloating), for milk production in lactating mothers. Soak 1 teaspoon fennel (saunf) overnight in one glass of water. Warm in the morning, sieve and have it. 

8. Tulsi drink -- for immunity. Keep tulsi leaves in sunlight in one glass of water and drink this water for the whole day. 

9. Fenugreek drink -- for hypertension and anaemia. Soak ½ tsp methi seed in one glass of water. Warm in the morning, sieve it and have it. 

10. Sesame drink -- for regular menses. Boil (safed til) sesame seeds in one glass of water for 3 minutes. Have it lukewarm before & during menses. 

11. Miracle drink (ABC drink) -- Kills cancer cells, relieves constipation, can be used as a liver tonic. (Amla + beetroot + carrot drink). Crush all ingredients in a juicer and add ginger, few leaves of mint and lemon juice and a pinch of rock salt for tangy taste. Good for weight loss also, rich in antioxidants.

Note: All the above drinks are prescribed on a general basis. Try these drinks for 2-3 days, if it suits you then continue for the long run. So enjoy any kind of drink in winters and say goodbye to extra fat and dry skin. Increase your immunity and love your body.