Green tea is gaining popularity with its amazing anti-oxidant and nourishing properties! 

Used as a dietary additive in my constitutional treatment , it helps in detox and cleansing the system of unwanted chemicals or biological toxins  

It helps relieve symptoms of acidity, digestive slowness, respiratory allergies, common colds and coughs, lethargy and exhaustion, sleep disorders and even helps to get the glow back into tired skin and add lustre to hair! 

A simple recipe: Boil a few leaves (2-3) of mint (pudina) ,basil (tulsi), lemon grass and add few grains (4-5) of aniseed (saunf) and ajwain (carom)  in 3 glasses of water  reduce it to 1 glass. Strain and add two drops of lemon and a small tsp of honey (optional) to this golden color concoction and u have a lovely, refreshing and rejuvenating cup of tea! Drink this 3 times a day to cleanse and revive!