It is an old adobe – ‘we are what we eat’. Our entire health and in turn our entire life is dependent on our food choices. However, saying so, it is true that eating healthy and involving in a decent amount of physical activity can keep us active and healthy all throughout our life. But, it is also true that good health and wellness is more than that. It is about our habits that can make all the difference.  

Noted below are some small eating habits that we need to change, not only to achieve and maintain good health, but also to change our lives.

1. Never miss your breakfast - It is a proven fact that people who eat breakfast, lose weight fast and keep it off. Moreover, after a fasting end to a day, it is the first meal that you have. It helps kick starting your metabolism and provides the body with all the energy that it needs throughout the day. It keeps you full, helps you avoid overeating during meals and keeps your brain sharp and motivated. If you have not been having breakfast, start it and feel the transition of your life.     

2. Use smaller plates for meals - Studies have revealed that you eat less, when you eat in a smaller plate. With it you actually trick your brain, as when you see that your plate is full, you start believing that you are eating more, but it actually is the size of the plate that makes all the difference. And, the result is that you are satisfied with smaller amounts.

3. Don’t dismiss treats thinking that they are unhealthy - Drastic changes always leads to failure. Cutting of all that you have loved all these years, makes no good to your health regime. Instead they push you towards overeating. Rather instead of actually stop eating all the mud cakes that you like, control the portion and withdraw it slowly. This is one habit that you can adopt and be with forever. 

4. Snack! Yes, you heard it right - Although snacking is one habit that you might be already on with, you just need some modifications. It is actually a very healthy habit and in particular when they are high in fiber and proteins. It helps keeping you full and make you avoid overeating during meals. ·        

5. Eat all your calories and nutrients - All food that you choose to eat, it  should be the number one source of calories and nutrients. Calories are often mistaken and avoided, but as per experts, calories are important for healthy growth and development of the body. Don’t get misguided and ensure that you eat your calories.  ·        

6. Make H2O your true friend - This needs no much introduction. Water is in abundance and is also the world magic element for anything and everything. We can live without food for days and weeks but not without water. It is important that you keep your hydrated always. It helps cleaning your system, nourish the skin and hairs, keeps the organs healthy and optimally functioning, keeps the brain healthy and sharp and what not.