SMALL BITE BIG THREAT  is one thing that we must keep in our minds while we are carrying out our work or for that matter spending our time with our loved ones. Yes, the much awaited rainy seasons are here and along with it the conducive time for the mosquitoes to flourish. Evolutionarily, the mosquito has been one of the most successful species for survival. Being a survivor makes it easy for the mosquitoes to grow and swarm in rapidly increasing numbers.

But wait; I heard mosquitoes cause Malaria! Yes, it's partially true. Malaria and Dengue is caused by a parasite called Plasmodium and Dengue virus respectively which are not visible to naked human eye. Mosquitoes act as a carrier of these parasites from one human being to another. So in short, if we cut off the mosquito, we will be able to avoid the disease-causing agent of Malaria and Dengue.  

The question now is how do you avoid the most successful species on earth. It's by the simple technique of source reduction. We concentrate on ensuring that there is no favourable place for the mosquitoes to develop. Mosquitoes develop over phases of egg, larva, pupa, and adult.  Here are quick things to keep in mind this monsoon season: 

  • Mosquitoes require stagnant water to develop. It's important to avoid the accumulation of water. Especially the hollow ones, like tyres, coconut shells or drums, including their rim. The coverings of overhead tanks and guttering near it should also be monitored.
  • Mosquitoes love dark places to hide. Ensure there is adequate lighting in your rooms. 
  • Do not neglect fever, headache, chills, itchy rash, pain behind eyes, or any bleeding. See a doctor immediately!
  • Wear bright and full sleeves clothes, and preferably full pants too. Use insecticide-treated bed nets. 

Lastly, always visit a qualified doctor. No medicine over WhatsApp or social media is recommended. Wishing you all the best of health and happiness. Remember always prevention is better than cure.