You might have heard of the phrase 'sitting is the new smoking.' Ever wondered what this means?

Regardless of what your job is workplaces get you used to a sedentary lifestyle, leading to multiple problems. Don't sit down!

You might actually want to stand up for this one.

Taking a stand Wherever we go, there are invitations to sit down. Hop into your car and you have a seat designed for comfort. On the bus to work? A less comfortable seat, but you'll take one if you can get it anyway!

At work? You've got your office chair. You might be giving your feet a break, but you're not doing the rest of your body a favor.

The War on sitting

An important element of staying fit is moving throughout the day. Sitting for extended periods impacts blood sugar levels and insulin in the body. So not only can you become obese, but you can also develop type 2 diabetes.

The movement for movement

Muscles are the healthiest when they are being used and challenged on a regular basis. Even though they're elastic, when regularly locked in one position for the majority of the day they get stiff. After years of constantly sitting, that's what your muscles are used to. However, now the movement for moving about is gaining momentum.

Taking that extra step

There are different ways for taking that extra step. You can change your workstation to a standing one, or take calls on your feet and pace while you talk. Keep a small glass of water on your desk instead of a bottle, so that you're more inclined to get up for refills. Finally, set reminders to get up and take walks around the office or home every so often.

So, you see, standing is not necessarily such a horrible thing. Think of it as movement yoga. Exercise could not get better than this!