Due to cold weather, lots of people suffer from sneezing and headache. This may also last for several months, leading to continuous and increased headache and blocking of the nose.

The main cause of persistent cold is the increasing pollution in the city. This injures the inner skin of the nose. Our body produces more nasal secretions & sneezes to pull out this dirt.

If these secretions which contain unwanted toxic pollutants & infectious microbes are not allowed to expel out (with anti-allergic medicines or inhalers), they sit in all sinuses and further irritates the local tissue. This also leads to a severe headache.

Preventive Measures-

1. The nose should be covered with mask, scarf or helmet while leaving the house.

2. Secretions should not be blocked or dried; should be freed up with the help of vapour on time.

3. Nasya treatment is advised to heal the damaged nasal skin; this also increases the resistance of the inner skin to fight with the dirt. Due to which frequency of cold/sinusitis also decreases.

4. Vaman in Vasant Ritu (March 18 to May 15, 2018) is also recommended. 

These remedies permanently cure frequent chronic cold /sinusitis / allergic rhinitis/headache.