Yesterday I told you about what to eat, how diet affects health, how one should eat properly to look good and be healthy, etc.

Today I am going to tell you more about the importance of diet:

  • What kind of diet you ought to follow
  • How to reduce your intake of food
  • How to crave less for it

Just as I said yesterday, avoid preserved food and add more of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Consume dairy products minimally and not in excess. Make sure that you eat less of fat and carbohydrates and more of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Make sure that you never skip out on you morning breakfast, as breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast gives you energy to start the day. Eat a good lunch and have a good tea but make sure that you have a light dinner and eat only half your stomach. If possible, eat only salad and soup for dinner. It is always good to sleep light. I am sure you might have heard this quote “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”. And let me tell you one thing, if you follow this quote then, half of your health problems will vanish.

Severe you self on a small plate because smaller the plate, the lesser you eat and the lesser you eat, the lesser the risk of developing diseases. Most of the disease and health problems arise from improper diet.

Eat your food on time and do not skip meals. Meal timings are important and make sure that you eat your food every day at the same time because your body will know and adjust accordingly and will ask for food when it is time and this will help to curb binging in between meals.

Whenever you feel hungry, pop some peanuts in your mouth or eat a fruit. This will help in reducing your hunger.

Avoid junk food and eating out. East or west, homemade food is the best. Eating home cooked food will make sure that you are healthy and it will be soft on your pocket.

Hence, these are some of the diet tips; you ought to follow to stay healthy.