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Safe Sex Education - the Only Way Forward!

Dr. Amar Deep, Homeopath
Planned Parenthood believes that parents and guardians should be the primary sex educators of their children. As with other complex issues, many parents may need support, resources, and expertise from schools and other organizations. It is important that young people receive age-appropriate sexual health information and develop practical skills for keeping healthy. Educators can help families by providing culturally meaningful learning opportunities in safe and non-judgmental environments so that young people can learn about sexuality in a healthy and positive context.Sometimes, people mistakenly believe that “sex ed” refers only to sexual behavior (e.g., sexual intercourse) and not the full array of topics that comprise sexuality. These include information and concerns about abstinence, body image, contraception, gender, human growth and development, human reproduction, pregnancy, relationships, safer sex (prevention of sexually transmitted infections), sexual attitudes and values, sexual anatomy and physiology, sexual behavior, sexual health, sexual orientation, and sexual pleasure. Comprehensive sex education covers the wide array of topics that affect sexuality and sexual health. It is grounded in evidence-based, peer-reviewed science. Its goal is to promote health and well-being in a way that is developmentally appropriate. It includes information and communication skills building as well as values exploration. Sexuality is an integral part of each person’s identity. Learning about our sexuality and achieving sexual health and well-being are lifelong processes that begin at birth and continue throughout our lives. Although parents and guardians are the primary sex educators of their children, children also receive messages about sexuality from many other sources. Some of them may have more negative than positive impact. Schools and other community-based organizations can be important partners with parents to provide young people accurate and developmentally appropriate sex education.The goals of comprehensive sex education are to help young people gain a positive view of sexuality and to provide them with developmentally appropriate knowledge and skills so that they can make healthy decisions about their sex lives now and in the future. Medically accurate sex education is an investment in our children’s future — their well-being. Our “return on investment” could be a generation of young people who have heard more helpful messages about sexuality than the provocative media images and/or silences they currently witness. It could be a generation of women and men comfortable in their own skin; able to make well-informed, responsible decisions; form healthy relationships; and take care of their bodies.It can be normal to feel overwhelmed by the task of developing and implementing comprehensive sex education in your school or program. Some educators find it helpful to talk with other professionals — mentors and/or supervisors — who have already implemented comprehensive sex education. It is important to get support from your school or organization. While this may feel like a huge undertaking, break it down into discrete steps such as:Assessing the needsResearching solutionsGarnering supportDeveloping a planDeveloping or selecting a curriculumCreating lesson plansGathering resourcesHaving fun!It may help to keep in mind that you may be the only adult who will ever talk to a young person about sexuality in an honest, accurate, and nonjudgmental way. Your good intentions, your positive, healthy attitude, your nonjudgmental tone, and the information you offer may be more than appreciated — it may save a young person’s life. Armed with knowledge about comprehensive sex education, you now need to jump in!  Talk with a mentor or colleague, browse your local library, or surf online to become acquainted with the breadth and scope of resources available. Contact Planned Parenthood educators near you to talk with and learn more about this important topic. Many Planned Parenthood affiliates provide consultation and training to assist with implementing sexuality education programs.

How Much Sex Should You Really Have?

Dr. Rahman, Sexologist
How much sex should you really have?Sex is an extremely personal and subjective matter. Different individuals relate to and indulge in sex differently. The idea of sex also varies from person to person and may not always fit the stereotypical penile-vaginal penetrative intercourse.There is no way of determining exactly how much sex is good and how much of it is too much. Some people like to be sexually active with thorough regularity while others find comfort in abstinence. Age also plays an important role here with people between the ages of 18-29 indulging in higher levels of sexual activity than those who are middle-aged or elderly.The different levels and frequencies of sexual activity have varying degrees of impacts on the overall mental, physical and sexual health of a person. There are numerous health benefits attached to having an active sex life, which manifests themselves in both the body and the mind.The health benefits of having sexAs per studies conducted, it has been shown that having sex, at least, two times a week can boost overall physical and mental health. The many health benefits of being sexually active are as follows:It improves immunity and makes the body more resilient to diseasesIt improves bladder control in women and prevents urinary incontinence It prevents erectile dysfunction in menIt improves blood circulation and lowers blood pressureIt acts as a stress relieverIt improves functioning of the heart and lowers the risk of heart diseaseIt reduces sensitivity to painThere are several other benefits of sex, which include the effective healing and nurturing of the body in a holistic manner.

How to Begin Your Sex Life?

Dr. Ashwini Billampelly, Sexologist
How to begin your sex life is the question which looms largely on the minds of some people who have opted for virginity until  late age of 25 or more!Here are some tips for those who are looking forward to begin with the most important relationship of their lives: 1: Prepare yourself - GET READY mentally and physically. Make sure you are healthy and normally developed. Make sure all your organ systems are working fine. Do the investigations if necessary. Take time to learn about your own body and your that of your partner. Share your ideas about hygiene and mend your ways if your partner so desires. Get well acquainted. 2: Develop a good mental rapport with your partner. Whether an arranged or a love marriage; good communication, sharing your sexual fantasies, body image, expectations in life, health issues is a must. Many people think putting out their best foot is essential to impress a would-be partner. But in time you will realise HONESTY is the most attractive quality in a spouse.3: Do not commit to a relationship until you are absolutely sure of what you want. If you are anxious about your sexuality, do not rush in anything.4: Do not carry baggage of  any feelings of guilt attached to your sexual being, appearance or financial burdens if any. Interpersonal comfort  and openness is very essential in a couple’s life. 5: Find what you like the most about each other and appreciate your partner frequently. You can begin with the “likes” and then point to minor “dislikes” in that order! That minimizes the impact and hurt caused by criticism. Criticism is a part of good communication, but should not be used to put the other person down. Both partners should be mature enough to take it lightly. 6: Be Well -Informed: - Relaying on porn videos or discussing with  friends or trying to use commercial sex to learn about how to perform sex has its own disadvantages. You may land up with infections or worse,  or myths and irrational fears.  Seek premarital counselling session from an expert sexologist.  Wish you happy life!

5 Exercises You Should Be Doing Now for Great Sex

Dr. Raviraj Francis, Physiotherapist
Exercises increase energy, tones your muscle, burns fat, improves your mood and self image but you may be surprised to know that it may also improve your sex life.A recent Lancet research paper suggests that as little as 200 calories burnt a day can actually lower the erectile dysfunction risk.In Addition to strength training and cardio, stretching is a great way to loosen up enabling you to experiment with different positions. So even if you have a great sex life, incorporating these exercises and stretching into your workout routine would help you1 - KEGLESYa thats right for both men and women they improve endurance and control of pubococcegus muscle (which holds urine) & Perineal muscles (which provide power before ejaculation). Pelvic floor muscle training can also improve many functions like premature ejaculation and overactive bladder.HOW TO DO:Start by interrupting the flow of urine when going to the bathroom to get familiar with the PC muscles. Once you’re familiar with them, your goal will be to progressively increase the squeeze duration, intensity and number of reps until you tire. But when you do them, don’t hold your breath, push down or tighten your stomach, buttocks or thigh muscles. Work up to five-second squeezes, relaxing in between each contraction, for 10 to 20 reps.2 - PLANK POSEIt is the most perfect way to improve stamina and endurance at the gym. And in the bedroom it gives staying power for various on top positions. It also strengthen core which helps in thrust improvement & supports the back to prevent injury.HOW TO DO:Think of your body as a wooden plank, attain a push up level with hands shoulder width apart arms strong and pelvis level. In this position squeeze the inner thigh and & butt cheeks together, tighten the quads and press the hell back so that the feet are flexed. Hold this position for 15 sec and work upto 2 mins, at a time do 2 to 8 repetitions a day and then increase gradually.3 - LYING LEG RAISESIt Provides intense core workout and helps you to last longer in upright position.HOW TO DO:Lie with back flat and legs stretched out in front then raise your legs straight up towards the ceiling and stop when legs are perpendicular to body and floor. Then slowly lower your legs back until they are one inch off the floor. Repeat 3 to 5 times and rest for half a minute. Start with 3 settings initially.4 - PUSH UPsYes the good old push ups strengthen the upper body, core and increase endurance. Doing them regularly will have an intense benefit of upper body strength and overall core during sex.HOW TO DO:Begin in a Plank position hands under the shoulder and feet hip distance apart. Lower the chest to the floor and slowly press back up. Do as many times as you can. 5 - UPWARD FACING DOGThis is a mystic pose also mentioned in early civilization when people's sex life was almost perfect owing to rustic lifestyle and zero pollution. This exercise protects the lower back from heavy lifting either in gym or bedroom. It also stretches the core and hip flexors which rushes the blood to your pelvic area.HOW TO DO:Lie on your belly with legs hip distance apart. Bring hands to the side of the chest and lift the torso by pressing through your hands. Don't hunch the shoulders into the neck keep them stretched and don't hold your breath. Keep this posture for 15 sec and repeat 5 times.

5 'Common' Sex Problems

Dr. Sujoy Dasgupta, Gynecologist/Obstetrician
In our modern hectic schedule, sexual problems are very common but often people ignore them and try to take help of drugs directly shown in television or newspaper advertisements. These may give temporary solutions but in the long run, they can be harmful. Because, most of the sexual problems have definite causes and the cause should be properly diagnosed and treated by a trained doctor.1. Low libido - libido means desire for sex. Both men and women can have low libido. However, it is more common in female, although they often do not consult doctor for this problem. The causes of low libido include- hormonal problems (like deficiency of thyroid hormones, testosterone in men and estrogen in female, high prolactin), blood sugar, liver diseases, anaemia, heart diseases etc. Sometimes it may be due to psychological factors like depression or anxiety. Again in some cases, poor performance during sex or past experience of pain or injury during sex may often lead to avoidance of sex by an individual. So, what can be done- simple thing, do not feel shy, consult your doctor so that the proper cause is diagnosed and treated and thus you would be able to enjoy your family life. Remember, especially for men, viagra will never lead to increased libido.2. Pain during intercourse - while the first intercourse is sometimes painful, but persistence o pain is abnormal and it can disrupt the conjugal relationship between a couple. Women are often the worst sufferer of the pain. The pain may occur during insertion, when the penis has just entered or when it is deep inside the vagina. This timing is important to diagnose the cause so that treatment can be done without delay. Common causes are dryness of vagina (especially after menopause), endometriosis, infections or some tumours. But sometimes, the vaginal muscle can have involuntary spasm that prevents any form of vaginal intercourse. If you feel so, do not hesitate o consult your doctor. He or she will talk to you in sensitive manner and then check you to come to diagnosis and then give you the treatment.However, sometimes men may feel pain during intercourse. The cause is often due to incorrect position or due to phimosis (very tight foreskin). Some men have the idea that tight foreskin will'break" with repeated intercourse but this is a wrong idea. Phimosis, if ignored can lead to infections, urinary and sexual problems and even cancer. So, do not ignore it.3. Bleeding during intercourse - while the first intercourse may lead to some vaginal bleeding in women, repeated bleeding needs medical attention. It is often due to some polyp, tumour or infection but even sometimes due to some cancers. Sometimes faulty position or faulty technique may also be responsible, and it may be associated with injury of vagina. So, never ignore such conditions and go to your doctor's chamber immediately. If a male sees bleeding from penis after intercourse, it may be due to phimosis (as mentioned above) or some tumour or more commonly due to some injury in penis. It needs medical attention immediately, as delay will make the problem worse. 4. Erectile dysfunction (ED) - some men may feel problems in achieving adequate hardness in penis during intercourse. Remember, almost all men can sometimes face this problems, especially with increase in age. But if it occurs repeatedly, then it reduces your self-confidence. Some causes may be due to psychological factors like anxiety or depression, but majority of ed is due to some diseases that may be missed if you do not take proper action. Such diseases include diabetes, heart disease, diseases of nerves, blood, hormones (thyroid, testosterone, prolactin) or even some chronic diseases. Sometimes abnormalities in blood flow in penis may cause ed. But do not get scared, at the same time do not feel shy. Just have a visit to your doctor's chamber and check the exact cause. It almost always responds well to medicines. 5. Ejaculation problems - some men may feel difficult to ejaculate semen. Most of them actually have retrograde ejaculation (re)- that may be due to some diseases of the nerves surrounding the prostate gland. In this condition, the semen does not flow forward, rather it moves back towards urinary bladder, so that semen is mixed with urine. But more common problem faced by many men is premature ejaculation (pe) - that often leads to very short duration of sex. It is easily treatable with the help of some drugs and sex exercises. Some special sex tips also help a lot. You just need to have better control over ejaculation of semen and reduce sensitivity of the penis - simple thing.

Bring Back Fire in Sex Life -1

Dr. Saatiish Jhuntrraa, Psychiatrist
Do you recollect the time you first met your partner many years ago? How did you feel? Were you eager and thrilled to talk? Did you think about him after the meeting? What did you feel like when you first touched his/her hand or kiss for the first time? Did you heart beat increase? Compare this with your present interactions with your partner. How many times do you hold each other’s hands? How much time do you spend talking (Other than arguments)?I observe so many young couples talking to each other on the phone in their leisure and private time, though I never understood what they could talk about in so much detail. They eventually get married and after some time they come to me with various sex problems. They often tell me that they don’t have time to talk or don’t feel like doing that. It is a proven fact that poor communication is an indication of a poor sex life. WHAT HAS CHANGED?Such a remarkable change is not accidental. It is due to a change in perception of sexuality over a period of time. Intercourse, orgasm and satisfaction has overshadowed the joys of pleasurable touching, sensual feelings and broad based sexuality.“Satisfaction” is a mirage, often judged by the peers criteria of what they’re doing in bed. There’s a lot more fear among boys regarding possible failure to satisfy their female partner. Person’s playfulness and enjoyment have been replaced by just touching for a couple of minutes leading to intercourse.  Fun and spontaneity has disappeared, replaced by a “rigid goal orientation which pressure the couple to make each sexual encounter a perfect one.” Still worse, now young couples start worrying for conception from each intercourse. “Time Intercourse” for conception as guided by experts have further worsened the situations.What to do? You need to reorient yourself towards pleasurable, sexual feelings while the emphasis should be on discovering in a relaxed, non-goal oriented manner, the sensual pleasure you can derive from touch or being touched. You need to find out the style of touching, stroking and caressing while feeling comfortable and pleasurable. Don’t make assumptions based on misconceptions, fall into ruts or feel devastated asking for a different type of touching. I shall be writing a few exercises for this purpose in the next bog. These are not guidelines but suggestions.

Importance of Sex Education

Dr. Rahman, Sexologist
Sex education is very important in this fast-paced time. It does not only inform teenagers – it also guides them to do needs to be done when the situation arises. Sex education is a very broad subject. It touches not just the sexual act and all the sexuality issues surrounding it – it also educates a person into the whole process of rearing a baby and the proper care of one’s self during pregnancy.More than anybody, sex education is required of teenagers. School teachers are usually tasked to give the lecture although other organizations can help in as well. Non-profit health associations can provide the necessary tools for information dissemination when it comes to sex education.Sex education can reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies among teenagers. Teenagers have their whole life ahead of them and making one grave mistake at one wild night could change all of that. With proper education, they will be able to act accordingly. Since they know what could happen, they will be able to decide for themselves and choose what is right and best for them. Sex education is essential not only now but in their future.Aside from unwanted pregnancies, it has been established that very young women who got pregnant often develop health complications. This is because their bodies aren’t prepared yet for having a baby as they have just entered the puberty stage. Many teenagers have lost not just their future because of wrong sex information but literally, their whole life. This is because they weren’t informed enough about the results of their choices.Sex education delivered through the right channels is necessary so that teenagers will be given only the right information. Learning about sex through friends and other unreliable sources isn’t a good option. Teenagers have to learn it from an authority or an expert in the subject.

How to Tackle Sexual Queries of Your Children?

Dr. Sanjay Tambe, Homeopath
14 year old Aditi had a problem, “Changes are occurring in my body and I am experiencing strange attraction towards youngsters of my age; is curious, at the same time a matter of concern also. I need to know about the changes occurring to my physical body, but the family members, specially my mother avoids answering. Increasing dominance of western culture and the vulgarity being shown in the TV, are mind – boggling. I quite understand the meaning of “I am young but not an idiot” but I want to know much more in this matter.Aditi is not the only child to have such questions about sexuality; the girls of her age do possess such inquisitive feelings. Only few get satisfactory replies to their question on this matter. However, in today’s scientific age, where open discussion on this subject is considered to be inferiority and reading books, magazines, periodicals on sexuality is termed as immoral where shall these girls tend answers to their questions? Isn't our narrow minded approach responsible for this?Sexual behaviour is a natural instinct in human beings. This instinct develops slowly in girls & boys right from their birth. Social environment, religious culture and the parental affection received by the child up to the age of 8 to 10 reflects in sexual emotions rising during adolescence.The internal and bodily changes occurring during the adolescence, goes to develop emotional upsurge in the child. Their upcoming personality also reflects in this period. In the present TV infested age this development normally commences at the age of 10 and is completed by 16th year. It is natural at this age to give vent to ideas on sexual or any subject as also to think about the strange changes occurring in the body. Normally, children expect a satisfactory explanation to their problems from the parents, however it proves to be a difficult task for the parents to give appropriate and satisfactory answer to their siblings. This is apparently due to the fact that the modern day changes are quite different from the changes that occurred in them during that age.How are the babies born ? Where do they come from? From which place my brother/ sister came ? What is menses? How and why does it come? Why boys do not have menstruation? Why marriage is essential? How do women conceive? What is abortion ? Can child birth happen before marriage? These and thousands of other such questions haunt the adolescent young minds, expecting satisfactory replies. Not satisfying inquisitive minds, giving evasive replies, efforts to avoid such subjects, scolding to quieten them or telling that they would know by themselves when time comes - all these are improper ways for dealing with the inquisitive mind of the child. Youngsters tend to get a shock when they actually realize that their parents lied to them and mislead them. Such a situation leads them to determine, not to open themselves to their parents. In fact an open discussion on such subjects is essential to develop friendly relation between parents and child.Kids passing through the tender adolescence period are ignorant about the changes occurring in their body. In this period, they are burdened to formulate their educational career. In such a state when their enquiries fail to get proper answers, they tend seek other sources, which eventually devours the child. These range from vulgar magazines, internet, depend on blue films or talk to their friends on these subjects. However, these avenues instead of increasing their knowledge, drive them to unwanted paths, and prove responsible for the disaster. Hence, it is essential that the parents prepare themselves to discuss openly with their kids on these subjects. Unless parents understand that such questions arise naturally in the minds of their children and raising such issues is not improper, they would not be able to guide their child properly.How to guide children:In order to provide proper guidance to children, a close watch on their behavior is essential including timely communication, so that children develop self-confidence.If conversation on sexual matters proves difficult then arrangement for providing books on this subject should be made by father for son and by mother for daughter. However, the books must be gone through before providing the same to children, to confirm suitability.Parents should fully understand and take this for granted that information and sexual matters are equally important compared to knowledge of other worldly matters of life.Due to changes in the inspiration fluids in the body it is natural to develop curiosity about them. Cropping up of innumerable queries in the mind and developing attraction towards opposite sex is just and ordinary matter at this age.Performing sexual activity in tender age can lead to several disorders (eg- venereal diseases, AIDS etc.). Similarly conceiving at small age can give rise to several problems is the future life. Parents must impart awareness in the kids in the regard.Putting multifarious restrictions on the girl when she become adolescent does not indicate that we have concern for her. “See now you are grown up so take care, don't talk to boys, they are bad, don’t go alone anywhere avoid going to neighbor when men are alone in the house, never believe a married man” – these and so many other wrong advises, produce hatred towards opposite sex in the mind of girl. Such teaching may prove harmful in their married life. Contrarily the girls should be given more freedom after proper guidance.Sexual information – when and how?There can be no limitation of age and time for providing sexual knowledge. This can be done even to a child of 5 years.Children of tender age are often subjected to sexual information above their level of understanding, lured by relatives or physically abused. These victimized children remain helpless due to ignorance of the adults around them. If they are pre – informed about such things then they can protect themselves and inform their parents about such incidents.Instead of scolding or beating children for any acts performed due to sexual attraction, they should be treated in a friendly manner. Information published in the newspapers/periodicals should be explained to them properly. Efforts should be made to give precise and satisfactory replies to their multifarious queries.However, while imparting sexual knowledge, care should be taken to ensure that children do not desist from their educational career. They should be made to understand that sexual pleasure can be obtained in its fullest at the proper time. Instead of coercing them for studies they should be allowed to enjoy from play and entertainment. This may distract their attention from sexual – thought and may help in deciding their goal in life.Important instructions for Parents and Teachers:Parents and teachers are the ones who reply and explain the curiosity and questions raised by children in their tender age. On receiving proper guidance these children develop in to responsible citizens and parents. To remove the apposition of the parent –teacher management in regard to sexual education, they should be first be taught about lessons in sexual – education.System of Sexual – EducationSexual – education should start from home, Once parents are awakened and the schools / colleges also start taking active part the child will automatically get awakened.Instead of criticizing and coercing element of hard- work and labour should be infused in their mind.Child needs solitude similar to elders. Constant hackling can distance the kid from parents.Sexual matter should discussed in plain and simple manner, instead of circumventing them hiding facts of giving tactical replies create more curiosity in the mind of children. This may result in less of attention towards studies and may further bad to wrongful deeds.Instead of waiting for a question from the child sexual information should be given voluntarily depending on age.While imparting sexual information special care should be taken to ensure that the child does not desist from his normal – studies and does not fall in bad ways.A close watch should be kept and day – to – day information should be obtained about the friends and the company which he keeps.Proper and satisfactory replies to the questions arising during the adolescence period can go a long way in helping the youngsters in achieving happy and joyful married – life. Children can also protect themselves from sexual abuse and various other social atrocities.