Every Pregnancy is precious for the mother to be. Even doctors conducting MTP for Unwanted pregnancies feel for the woman/ girl, especially if she happens to be Just 10 years old.

Accept it that we are a confused nation, passing through a transition of being Proud Indians vs. Liberated West. Govt. made MTP legal under certain conditions, which was debated over years in Parliament.

One of the clause to let the pregnant woman abort is Mental Trauma. It means that she will be unfit as a mother. And women know about this loophole, start threatening government doctors if they dare to Counsel them about bad after effects of MTP at a younger age and that too for 1st Pregnancy. These gutsy learned women as rebels do not know that years later, they may or may not be able to have kids and IVF clinics will be the only alternative with limited success rate.

Sex education should be taught to girls as old as 8 because of early puberty. Mother is the 1st teacher. Do not expect schools to be-all. We know about pills for Contraception, pills for MTP  and pills to stop unwanted pregnancies to be taken in case of Emergencies Only). Our women and girls are taking MTP pills and Unwanted pills as a Routine. We have to stop it. It is our duty as doctors to Educate them.

Every pill carries heavy doses of hormones which can make normal periods as erratic, delayed leading on to more confusion about being Pregnant or not. Low dose contraceptive tablets can be taken by the newly married woman for a year. If taken on time, regularly, expect 100% being sure of not getting pregnant but few side effects of hormones.

This low dose daily pills can be a gap method also between 2 babies. If the family is complete, a woman can get Ligation done but only in case, she can afford to take full rest for at least 2 weeks (impossible for most women). Intrauterine Devices if fitted well are harmless and carry no side effects.

I repeat- If fitted well. IUCD if fitted by untrained personnel in a Van in rural areas to add numbers of women served- the same device has lots of side effects like Uterine Infections and Infertility in case IUCD was a gap between 2 kids.

Men can opt for Vasectomy which is painless and with no stitches. How many are man enough to go for it?

Rest of the local methods carry a failure rate as high as 50%. It is Better to avoid them. Either the Method is nearly 100% or there is no false sense of security. Abstinence for promiscuous teenagers is best physically and morally.

3 different ways to avoid unwanted pregnancies are:

  1. Ligation
  2. IUCD
  3. Low Dose Oral Pills having both hormones, estrogens and progesterone.

None of above 3 hurts the body or the soul of the both- woman and her doctor.