Despite tremendous variability over such large geographic area, the diverse population of the Indian subcontinent shares more Caucasoid than Mongoloid anatomical traits on the skull and face. Cheek bones are high and hence support for the ageing face. Buccal fat gives cheek a rounded, contour, similar to "square face"& lips are typically fuller.

The most distinctive feature is the eye and it's socket. Sunken eyes in medical term is also known as the "Tear trough“. Dark shadowing ("dark circles") around the deep-set eye is common. It is a valley between the eyes and cheeks. Attitude to ageing varies from culture to culture. Commonly published facial proportions usually represent Greco-Roman standards and are not applicable to all. Strict adherence to these norms is therefore not necessary to obtain satisfying results. 

The only successful way to get rid of sunken eyes is to fill it up with dermal fillers like (1) juvederm range (2) restylane on the first day of the treatment.

With this there will be some swelling for two to three days and once the swelling is settled, it can hydrated with booster fillers like restylanevital. 

For daily maintenance apply a retinol based cream along with Vitamin C serum as a routine care. 

Plan your treatment with a qualified cosmetic dermatologist to get rid of sunken & tired eyes today!