Confused about what is a stye?

Stye eye is a kind of an eye infection which occurs on the base or the inner corner of the eyelids.

Although there are many over the counter drugs and eye drops available in the market but the easiest and the safest would be to opt for home remedies for stye.

Here are a quick, affordable and highly effective stye remedies take a look!

1. Milk and Turmeric

Milk contains lactic acid and this helps in killing the bacteria causing infection. Turmeric is another ingredient which is known for its anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti septic properties.

This remedy will help in reducing the eye infection as well as reduce the swelling on the eyelid.

So this makes this remedy the ultimate eye stye cure to try!

Things you need

  Turmeric powder – 1 tsp

  Warm milk – 1 glass


1 Add the turmeric powder to a glass of warm milk and mix it well.

2 Now drink this turmeric milk once in a day for two days or until there is no sign of the stye eye infection.

3 This remedy will help in speeding up the healing process too.

2. Garlic Juice

This is one of the most effective home remedies for styes. Garlic is a rich source of healing and anti bacterial properties. It is even used in many herbal medicines to cure infections.

Try this quick remedy for eye stye cure.

Things you need

  Garlic cloves – 2-3


  Cotton ball


1 Firstly blend the garlic cloves in a blender to extract as much juice as you can out of them.

2 Now transfer the teaspoon of fresh garlic juice into a bowl.

3 Later dip the cotton ball into the fresh garlic juice and apply it around the stye eye infected area.

4 Make sure to avoid getting closer to the inner corners of the eye as it is an external application.

5 This process can be repeated 2-3times in a day as it will help in reducing the infection as well as heal the inflamed eye.


Is one of the excellent Homeopathic remedies for styes. 2 pills thrice a day for 4 days should help it go away.