As the monsoon season is coming and the dictum “Prevention is better than cure” has always been right, few precautions are advised.

  1.  Foremost important is to avoid contacts with Mosquitoes at any cost. Use repellents, mosquito net, keep the water cooler tank clean, etc.
  2.  In case of fever, take Paracetamol and do cold sponging.
  3.  Do not take Aspirin, Diclofenac, Ibuprofen or any other painkiller without your Doctor’s Consultation.
  4.  Visit your doctor immediately and follow Prescription as advised.
  5.  Have plenty of Fluid, ORS, Fruit Juices (can be added).
  6.  Fever can take 3-10 days to resolve, so keep faith in your Doctor.

While doing cold sponging, do not keep a sponge in contact for more than 1min. Optimal method is to rub the wet sponge on the skin and then remove and repeat the process after 3-5min.