Cold, cough, fever, blocked nose, breathing with mouth all the time, antibiotics twice a month, decreased appetite and a restless, listless child... I am sure you are worried sick if your child has one of these or more problems. Somewhere you are aware of a feeling that this isn't right, all the medicines you are pumping into that delicate body. But what else to do? 

First, understand what is happening to your child. What is normal and whether your child’s reactions and problems are within normal limits. 

It is normal for a child till the age of 5 years to fall sick once or twice a year. Thrice is still permissible. Anything more than that comes under the category of frequent infections. Secondly, once a child has cold and cough, the fever must rise to a good 102 to 103 degrees and then within a couple of days the child must be fine again. Also, there must not be any remnants of the cold and cough in between these episodes. The child must feed well, sleep peacefully and wake up fresh and be raring to go. 

If this is not what happens, then the child is suffering from low immunity. Typically people will tell you that these problems will go away by the time the child is 5. Observe closely what happens. In most cases, the recurrent infections will give way to a deeper chronic problem such as asthma. So the problem isn't going anywhere but inside.

Homeopathy is a true solution in these cases because while the child is not afraid of the doctor and will actually want to take the medicines we give. It is gentle and does not cause any unwanted effects on the child - even newborns. That apart, the main reason to give homeopathy to children with repeated infections is that it builds their immune system and lays a foundation for a strong body and chemical free constitution. Appetite improves and the child develops all round. 

Think about it. After all, today the biggest challenge to us is to keep ourselves free of all the noxious elements in the environment without us adding to it voluntarily. In such a scenario, homeopathy is your handy tool. Gift your child the freedom of health.