In the month of Ramadan it is crucial to maintain your dental health in a good condition apart from your routine days. Especially fasting people suffer from bad breath which is very common and it’s pretty much easier to avoid when you keep in mind few quick tips. Oral health not only helps in chewing process and appearance of one facial personality but also it adds up self esteem and confidence during social interaction.


  •  Practice Brushing your teeth after “suhoor/ sehri” i.e predawn meal because its very important to clean your mouth by brushing away stuck food particles that leads to teeth decay and use a tongue cleaner to remove residues that form on the tongue which is the main causative agent for bad breath. 
  •  Introduce a couple of fruits and boiled veggies at the time of breaking fast that have high fiber content which will help in remineralize your teeth naturally. Because fasting people stay almost 14.5 hours (varies depending upon the location) without eating and drinking  water which builds up bad odor in the mouth and dryness that can accelerate decay process when you have sugary foods while breaking fast. So, to reverse the decay process you must have fiber rich food which will deposit minerals in teeth to stay healthy.

  • Using “Miswak” a teeth cleaning twig from arak tree during their fasting hours helps to stimulate saliva that prevents dryness of mouth and bad breath. Also it contains effective anti-bacterial action coming up to 60%. 

    • Periodontally compromised and diabetic patients must use chlorhexidine mouthwash twice daily in 1:1 ratio to prevent further damage of gums because gums infection gives rise to bad breath. Get oral prophylaxis done before Ramadan begins to make sure gums health must no longer worsen during fasting and avoid bad breath.
  •  Incorporate usage of fluoridated toothpastes (1350ppm) twice daily, because fluoride gives strength to teeth and prevents from demineralization or cavity formation.

  •  People who use dentures should clean them with denture cleaning tablets dissolved in water and then wear during fasting hours because Unclean dentures produces bad breath.
  •  Elderly patients should use powered tooth brush to clean teeth effectively to avoid teeth decay and bad breath.