Bad Breath (Halitosis) causes many problems - loss of confidence, poor body self image, social isolation on account of the sense of shame associated with it etc.

Bad breath from the mouth emanates from infected tissues inside the mouth. In the presence of Oral or Dental infection by bacteria some toxins are released which are foul smelling. Accumulated food debris inside the mouth also putrefies and causes bad breath. That is why it is always recommended that we brush our teeth twice a day, specially at night. According to Dental Surgeons, night brushing of teeth is more important and should be more thorough. In fact I brush my teeth after breakfast as well, because that is the time I leave home for work and i like to feel that my teeth and gums are healthy and clean.

In case you have Dental malocclusion (where teeth are crowded or unevenly spaced) flossing of teeth may also be a good idea because it gets rid of food debris stuck between your teeth.

Which Toothpaste? The jury is clearly out on whether one tooth paste is better than the other - as long you maintain good oral hygiene you should be fine. A caution - it is not clearly established that brushing your teeth with the stem of Neem tree is helpful. 

The three things that you could do to get rid of bad breath are

1. Good Dental care must include care of gums. One of the commonest causes of bad breath is gum disease - this can be managed by regular and careful brushing, regular flossing as well as regular dental check ups

2. Treating Chronic Tonsillitis - Chronically infected Tonsils develop deep crypts where food debris and infected material tends to accumulate. This causes a foetid odour after some time. Treat this appropriately. A good home remedy is  a regimen of gargling regularly.

3. Acidity and Reflux can be common causes of Halitosis. Have this attended to. Make sure the last meal of the day is not very heavy and not very late. 

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