Dear Readers,

With advanced technology, habits of living in comfort zones have given birth to aches and pain in nape of our neck.We use wrong postures while watching T.V,working on desktops,laptops and mobiles for long hours.

Unknowingly we are producing harm to our own body and system.Holding cell phones and bending our neck at same side produces lot of traction in muscles of neck.Advancement in technology has brought great revolution in world but with that it has invited lot of problems of health too.We type on laptops for hours and sit for longer durations in one position,this brings on pain, stiffness in neck.Sometimes we get Vertigo along with Cervical pain.MRI reveals the effect or degeneration of Cervical vertebrae.

Homoeopathic Medicines arrests the further degeneration and it helps in reducing the Inflammation.

Spondilitis is more of inflammation and spondylosis is degeneration of vertebrae.With the help of Homoeopathic Medicines we arrest the stage of inflammation and reduce pain,swelling and stiffness.Its important to discuss your complete case details and your work schedule with your homoeopath and he/she will help you in recovery.

Homoeopathic Health: 

Conium and Gelsimium helps in Cervical problems,and vertigo.But Every Cervical Patient will not recover with Conium or Gelsimium.There are other good remedies which help in healing.A registered homoeopath is the best person to judge your remedy and give you permanent solution.

Health Tips: 

  • Avoid sitting for too long in one position.
  • Give rest to your eyes and neck every half an hour for 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Shrug your shoulders,rotate in circular movements to ease the muscles.
  • Before going to bed apply Arnica Ointment (Homoeopathic medicine Arnica helps in inflammation and pain) and give HOT fomentation with hot towel.
  • Practice Yoga daily under guidance.(Cervical patients who have Vertigo should avoid Chakrasan. Practice only under guidance.)