Pneumonia is a serious cause of hospital admission & death in all age groups.

The young children, the immuno compromised, the bed-ridden & the Elderly are at High Risk.

Vaccination can help prevent pneumonia in High Risk Group.

Common Symptoms-

1. Fever (High grade or persistent with or without chills)

2. Cough with sputum and Chest pain.

3. Breathlessness on coughing and exertion

4. Serious Symptoms include Loss of consciousness, unable to breathe freely & Blood in sputum (Hemoptysis) 

Tips for Prevention-

1. Vaccination 

2. Good Control of Asthma, COPD, Diabetes and other chronic diseases.

3. Stop Smoking / Tobacco use and Avoid Air Pollution.

Let us all be aware of Our Health and Health of our loved ones, Pneumonia is a preventable & treatable chest disease.