It's a jet paced and non stop activity focussed world we live in, and it's easy to over work oneself and push oneself beyond exhaustion! This excessive energy utilised and not restored creates a weakened immune system. 

If we take proper care of ourselves by eating right according to our constitutions and get adequate rest and exercise and release the built up stress by appropriate relaxing techniques, our system remains strong and immune to diseases. However if we abuse our bodies and extend our capacities beyond reason, eat poorly and refuse to acknowledge importance of exercise and de stress techniques , our immune systems weaken and we are prone to illness.

Acupressure and deep breathing techniques with stretches is what I employ as an aid to gentle homeopathic medicines to strengthen the immune system and to ward off disease! 

Every days stress and strain, physical and emotional, accumulates inside us and causes various physical ailments ranging from neck ,back and shoulder pains to more chronic or even anxiety panic disorders. I have been using acupressure, deep breathing techniques and slow and paced out strong stretches to counteract the common daily pressures of my life. 

We can withstand only a certain amount of stress. Each person has a different threshold and different reaction to mundane stress that we battle daily. Each one should determine himself or herself, how much is too much. 

When you cultivate an inner awareness of what's going on inside you, both internal and external, physical and emotional, then you discover your optimum balance of physical activity and rest! So regularly doing certain stretches, deep breathing or specialised breathing techniques, by practicing mindfulness and tapping on acupressure meridians, and by improving the quality of the foods we eat, one can increase energy levels and boost up the immune system!