Is Non Surgical liposuction really a “miracle cure” for obesity? If you’re overweight, can you have Non Surgical liposuction and then go back to eating all the fattening foods you want? What about the exercise- you’ll never have to do that again, right?

A number of body contouring and fat removal techniques are promoted as weight loss alternatives or non-invasive body contouring. Although these techniques don't involve surgery, they generally don't produce results. Most of these techniques target body fat using energy, typically delivered as heat or cold, to damage and shrink fat cells. 

The following are examples of nonsurgical methods to reduce body fat: 

  1. Exposure to cold (Cryolipolysis)
  2. Sound waves (high-intensity focused ultrasound)   
  3. Light waves (low-level laser)    
  4. Radio waves (radiofrequency)

In all these procedures, the idea is to subject the fat to trauma that helps disrupt the fat cells. This damaged fat is not removed by suction, due to continuous exposure to vibration and heat fat cell lose water through one will feel lesser inch feeling and fact is once you take a glass of water, the water will hydrate the fat cells.

So it’s just the water you are actually removing not the Fat. One should understand that fat cannot be mobilized it can be just consumed through exercise and activities.

Risks in Non-Surgical Liposuction:

Blood clots- which may occur when ultrasound heightens the temperature of blood vessels on the skin creating clots within it. A longer period of numbness due to nerve injuries caused by too much heat produced by ultrasound.

Bruising and swelling are common in any procedure where the skin and muscle tissues are disturbed. In some cases, swelling may cause discomfort and pain. The body reacts to disturbances in the body which may increase immune defence systems that go into action to fight infection, increasing redness, tenderness and bruising to exposed areas.

There are few cases which reported to be cancerous post-exposure to these kinds of therapies.