Men or women, animals too, we all snore, period. However, if the act of snoring is regular and daily, the quality and quantity of one's sleep can be disturbing to the others around, and to you as well.

Snoring leads to

  • Poor sleep habits 
  • Daytime fatigue 
  • Irritation Health issues 

We snore -- about half of adult men snore, according to studies -- for one of two reasons. Mostly we snore because our airways narrow in sleep, creating resistance in the passageways that connect our nose and mouth to lungs. The narrower the tube, the greater amount of pressure needed to establish enough flow. The fatter we are -- and in particular, the thicker our necks -- the more pressure there is on the airways, and the more they tend to collapse as we sleep.

Snoring happens when the tissues around the nasal region vibrate while we breathe in our sleep, hence the noise. If there is too much nasal and throat tissue around the throat, the individual is prone to snore more than the usual. Not only this, sometimes even the position of your tongue can play culprit- aiding snoring all the more by not allowing smooth breathing. Before we identify ways to stop snoring, here is why you snore!

A study by sleep specialist Lynn A. D'Andrea, from the esteemed University of Michigan Medical School, says "Any membranous part of the airway lacking cartilaginous support, including the tongue, soft palate, uvula, tonsillar pillars and pharyngeal walls, can vibrate. When you sleep, muscle tone throughout your body decreases, or becomes hypotonic. This relaxation of the upper airway muscles during sleep may decrease the size of the airway space and cause airflow limitation and turbulence." Source:

In addition to that, weight issues, age, the body frame, sinus and nasal issues, medications, smoking, alcoholism, sleep posture etc can contribute to the pesky annoying snoring habits too.

Stop Snoring With These 5 Lifestyle Habits

Save your marriage, your relationship or your self-esteem and let no one put you down ever, because of your uncontrolled snoring habit! Here are a few changes to make, and with the help of a specialist, you can overcome the peril too!

  1. Get to the gym or work out at home to lose weight, which would help reduce fatty tissues in the throat. A good dose of exercises everyday would help strengthen the body, tone the throat muscles and help stop snoring too. 
  2. Regular sleep patterns are a must to follow, which should be stuck to as much as possible. Ask your partner to help you out with this, buddy up and follow the same for a month at least and watch the difference. 
  3. For those who live in dry climes, use an air moistener or a humidifier to keep the air around moist. Dry air can play havoc with the sleep cycle and breathing pattern. And before you sleep, a nasal decongestant to use would help clear the sinuses too. 
  4. Dust your beds before you sleep; the bacteria, dust mites and other elements invisible to the eyes would be shunned away, and not allowed into the throat or the nasal tract. And while you sleep, change your position as and when possible. Your head should be four inches above the body levels to help with better breathing. 
  5. Cut down on the number of smokes per day, number of glasses of wine and alcohol per session, the overuse of sleeping drugs, since they are sedatives. Sedatives do not help in attaining proper sleep, hence talk to your family doctor about the medication he provides you with- it shouldn't interfere with your sleep levels.

Yes, you too can make someone's night sleep a blissful experience sans the background scores with snores- start following these changes and sleep peacefully!