Navratri, meaning nine nights is one of the most popular festival celebrated in India. Indians all over the world observe fasting during these nine nights.

It is believed that people who will fast during these 9 days get blessed from Maa Durga with prosperity, health and wisdom. Fasting during Navratri not only pleases Maa Durga but also helps us in cleansing our mind, body and soul if followed properly. Here are 9 tips for 9 days to keep your fast healthy and happy.

1. Eat Colorful Foods - Navratri is festival of colors and people wear 9 different colors on these days, so my first tips is to eat colorful diet having variety of veggies and fruits, dry fruits which are allowed during fasting.

2. Drink plenty of water - During fasting, people feel less thirsty, but that doesn’t mean that your body doesn’t need water. Being dehydrated can have negative impact on your body and brain. So make sure you drink plenty of water.


3. Clean your soul and mind - During  fasting some food are not allowed like, non veg, spices, and cereals. When you include 70% raw form of food in fasting days, it will help to cleanse your body and digestive system and rejuvenate your body. When your body feels rejuvenated, your mind becomes calmer and peaceful. 

4. Eat in intervals - Try to have small but frequent meals, it will help to reduce hunger and give you satiety whole day. Some people eat 1 or 2 meals in a day and starve themselves. Avoid starvation; eat small frequent meals spread throughout the day.

5. Avoid refined carbs - Avoid Sugary drinks, packed juices, sweet dishes, sabudana, white sugar & prefer rajgira atta, kuttu ka atta, makhana, nuts, dates, fruits, curd, buttermilk  etc. 

6. Plan your fasting diet in advance - Sudden changes in your diet can have an impact on your body and you might feel low and less energetic. If you want same energy level in fasting days, you should plan your meal in advance with right proportion of carbs, protein and fiber.

7. Exercise – Go for a walk or do garba that will help you reduce weight. Avoid high intense workouts during fasting. 

8. Avoid fried foods - Use less oil as much as possible, don’t take packed fasting food. Use healthy oils such as a coconut oil, ghee, olive oil etc. 

9. Break your fast with a light meal - When you break your fast and eat large  and heavy meals you feel bloated and tired, so break your fast with light meals or you can have fruits and gradually  back to the normal meals.