Depression is one disease which silently comes and destroys the person from within. There might be many factors with can shape into depression. A surprising number of people struggling with depression end up committing the suicide, so the most important thing is to diagnose the depression early. Here are some tips to beat the depression.

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The Symptoms of Depression are:

  • Feeling of being lost
  • Extreme sadness lasting months or years
  • Loss of interest
  • Disturbance of sleep
  • Feeling of guilt
  • Irritation

How can I get out of depression?

Anti depressants only provide temporary relief and has some unpleasant side effects too. The best way to combat depression is to surround it by healthy diet, exercise, mediation and other healthy habits and deliver that knockout punch to conquer depression by maintaining these habits. Here is the action plan of conquering the depression.

Taking care of your diet:

 A healthy and balanced diet keeps you energetic all day and you don’t lose the battle just because you get tired. A good diet reflects on your mental health. In many cases the root cause of depression is unhealthy diet which leads to disease, obesity and finally depression. So correcting and taking care of your diet is needed for the good start against depression.

Taking care of your mind:

  Mental exercises like meditation and yoga help to calm down the nerves and replace the negative energy with positive energy. Train your mind to be able to fix the thoughts at a specific thing and do not let wander the thoughts. This practice balances the mental hormone level which helps in depression.

Taking care of your body:

  Physical exercises like playing an outdoor sport, body building, cycling increase the self confidence to win and makes you feel good about yourself and build the self esteem.Learning a new skill like playing guitar, violin, video games keeps you interested by throwing a new challenge. It has been proven beneficial in curing the depression.

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