Every woman during menstrual cycle must be facing problems such as: 

  • Rash due to a sanitary napkin
  • Feeling of uneasiness
  • Worrying about leakage
  • Staining issues and so on

Or some of you must be using tampons to avoid leakage and staining, but what about infection?

Tampons have turned out to be the measured reason for infection of the urinary tract or vaginal infections.

Now let me tell you about MENSTRUAL CUP, many of you must not be aware of it but this is the far more reliable option than sanitary pads & tampons.

Menstrual cups are made up of silicon or latex material, available in various sizes depending on age and number of deliveries.

  • They are extremely skin friendly and do not irritate the vaginal walls.
  • They are re-useable; the validity of these cups is 10-15 years.
  • You can wash it, sterilize it & reuse it.
  • It remains in the vaginal canal preventing leakage. 
  • The cup locks itself by fixing its ring so that the menstrual blood doesn’t leak.
  • It has double the absorption capacity than tampons & sanitary napkins.
  • It can be used for 8-10 hours at a stretch.
  • In case of tampons, you need to remove it during urination; this is not the case with cups.

The another most important reason to use cup is the sanitary waste disposal issue, which is turning out to be a threat to the society as the sanitary waste is hazardous. 

Cups are non- disposable so it is better to opt for it.

C-shaped during insertion


1. Wash your hands properly.

2. Wash the cup.

3. Fold the cup in C-shaped position.

4. Sit in squatting position & slowly push the cup into the vaginal canal.

5. Only the stem of the cup should be handy to you for removal.


  • If the cup gets stuck in the canal, it is not going to get lost so don’t worry.
  • Just relax your pelvic floor muscles and the cup will automatically descend down.


1. It doesn’t cause infections.

2. Avoids leakage & hence staining.

3. Does not cause rash or irritation.

4. No need to carry or hide sanitary napkins and tampons in the bag!

5. Cost-effective, as it can be used for 10-15 years.

6. No need to worry about disposal.


1. Insert the cup only after washing your hands to avoid infection.

2. Empty the cup 2-3 times daily to avoid infections. 

So kindly, start using a menstrual cup instead of sanitary pads & tampons and aware all other ladies you know and also remember, by using this you are reducing the sanitary waste.