1.  Whole, grains - eat little oats, whole,wheat,  to provide your body with lots of b-complex vitamins and vitamin e which help with mode swings and fatigue. They Re also useful eaten one hour before bed time for PMS.

2. Pineapple - mangoes is also another important nutrient to support the menstrual cycle. Women who have sufficent manganese have a decreased blood flow during their cycle. Pineapple contains an enzyme called bormaline which helps in relaxing the muscles.

3.  Legume - beans, chick peas, split peas, legumes are excellent choice for lunch or dinner. Legumes are rich in fiber which alleviates water retension problem and helps during periods they are also good for congestive problems. They are rich in vitamin b which address all the symptoms of periods.

4. Yoghurt- the bacteria culture in the yoghurt are all good for your gastrointestinal track. Yoghurt is also rich in calcium which help reduce cramping and pain during periods.

5. Broccoli and kale - there fools are super antioxidants and loaded with vitamins, and are rich in calcium help with menstral pain during periods.

6. Flaxseed oil - rich in omega three fatty acids this food is an excellent choice for women going through their menses, they help in forming prostaglandin which in turn ease menstrual pains.

7.  Water - it is what u need to ingest the most to fight bloating and fluid retention in the body, if u take inadequate water the body might compensate by making water retain in your body causing you discomfort.