GOD had created many creatures on earth some are so useful to human being that it can save life of human animals,birds,plants or it can extend life of human.U must be imagine about which creatures i m talking ,"its about MAGIC OF SWEET GLOBULES" that its a media of medication in homoeopathy.

IN homoeopathy medicated sweet globules are given and such small globules show magical changes in body,saves life of human.   now lets see how its prepared and work.   

 Globules are prepared from goats milk,its sweetness comes from milk itself so for diabetic pt's no problem comes of sweetness. it can be taken by everyone  no problem comes of age, sex,wt, animal,birds.

This globules are medicated by medicine acc. to the symptoms of person.

This medicine gets absorbed by small globules and its called medicated globules.

This medicated globules as soon as put on tongue its get absorbed by viens of tongue and get circulated by the blood into whole body.

Such a small globules absorbed a very small amount of medicine and that small amount gives a magical results in body.

This small globules are nothing but its vital power of medicine which treats unhealthy vital power of body and makes it a healthy  by its own internal vital energy.