Are you planning to lose weight? Or have you tried all ways to lose weight with Dier and Exercises? Or are you just seeking healthy food habits?


I Am going to Give You 10 Healthy Food Which Will Make Your Every Meal Healthy And, In Turn, You Will Certainly Loose Weight In Right Way:

1. Lemons: Best Source Of Vitamin - C. Just One Lemon A Day Can  Increase Good Cholesterol ( HDL) and Strengthen Muscles, Helps In Toning Up. Lemons Are Known To Inhibit Growth of Cancer Cells and Anti-Inflammatory In Nature.

2. Broccoli: Makes Every Dish Rich In Vitamin – K, Vitamin-C and Other Micronutrients. Also Fiber And Bone Building Nutrients.

3. Dark Chocolates: Mouth Watering Isn’t It? Yes, You Read Right Dark Chocolates AreHealthy, As It Contains Flavonoids 53 Milligrams In A Bar. Its Antioxidative Property Can Reduce Blood Pressure As It Can Reduce Bad Cholesterol – LDL and Increase HDL 

Say NO to all junk food

4. Potatoes: Seriously! No, You Must Be Joking, How Can Potatoes Fit In Healthy Food Category? Yes, Potatoes They Are Healthy As WhenYou Let Your Potatoes Cool Before Eating, Research Shows That Doing So CanHelp You Burn Close To 25% More Fat After Meal, As It Contains Fat- ResistantStarch.Also, Red Potatoes Are Rich In CellBuilding Folates, Like In Spinach And Broccoli Whereas Sweet Potatoes Are RichIn Vitamin – A, One Potato Contains Almost 8 Times More  Vitamin –A Than Daily Need. Very Good ForCancer Fighting And Immunity Boosting. 

5. Salmons: They Are Rich In Omega-3-Fatty Acids As We All Know. Also, It Is Rich In Niacin, Thus Protects Against Alzheimer’s Disease And Depression. 

6. Walnuts:  Richest Source Of  Omega-3-Fatty Acids, It’s Daily IntakeReduces Risk Of Heart Diseases And Has Cancer Fighting Property. Also Contains Melatonin, An Antioxidant Known To Regulate Sleep. Advisable To Eat WalnutsDaily With Salads Or Dessert. 

7. Avocados: Rich In Nutrients’ Like Folates, Beta- Carotenes and Fibers. Best Food For Salads, Reduces Cholesterol To Great Extent ThereBy Reduces Your Risk Of Heart Diseases.   


8. Garlic: Garlic Contains Allicin, A Compound That Works As Into-Inflammatory As Well AsAntioxidative, Reduces Cholesterol And Blood Pressure Levels.                            

9. Spinach: One Of The Most Used Green Leafy Vegetable For Healthy Eye, As It ContainsLutein And Zeaxanthin. It Contains Micro and Macro Nutrients’. It’s good to add it to any smoothies. 

10. Beans and Pulses: Rich Source Of Proteins, Add Sprouts To Your Meals Or Take As Salad.