Elements of trust

1. Be transparent: Transparency is showing accountability through communication. Being honest, being vulnerable, giving feedback, and stating expectations are all forms of transparency. 

2. Respect Showing: Respect doesn’t mean you have to agree with everyone, but when you honor their feelings, it builds trust, and they feel safe to open up more often. 

3. Coherence: Working together as a team towards any problem, helps deal with it better. If they fail, they all reap the consequences, and if they succeed, they all receive the reward. The team that struggles together and succeeds together is a team that unites.

4. Show them you care: Show people you value them by learning more about them personally, praising them daily, and asking for their input more often. When people feel valued, you do more than earn their trust, you earn their loyalty as well.

Easy ways to build trust

1. Effective Communication: A personal verbal communication strengthens the bond between partners in a relationship.

2. Set boundaries: Setting boundaries helps in explaining how much space you’re comfortable with, in a relationship,emotionally or physically.

3. Take Responsibility for your actions: Own up to your behaviors, actions and inactions, don’t try to shift the blame to a circumstance or someone else.

4. Give time to your partner: Giving someone else personal space and time allows them to reflect and fuel themselves.

5. Be Patient: Healing will involve a lot of patience. we have to realize that being patient and not applying pressure to the relationship is one of the most effective ways to rebuild a relationship.

How to Be Trustworthy

1. Trust is something you earn: These behaviors can increase your trustworthiness. Be transparent and accountable. Provide information on the progress toward goals, and if you can’t meet your obligations, tell the other party as soon as you know this and create a plan to resolve the difficulties you’ve caused them.

2. Be vulnerable: It might feel risky to open up, but a study of workplaces found that people were more likely to perceive others as trustworthy when they felt they shared common interests, values, or goals. 

3. Show your gratitude: Research has shown that expressing your thanks can strengthen relationships. One study indicated that couples who took the time to thank each other felt more positive toward each other and more comfortable expressing concerns about their relationship.