It is important that while shopping, one needs to really know about the product being bought. There is an ever increasing trend to go to a mall and fill the shopping cart with loads of processed food with shiny and colourful packaging without giving a moment’s thought to what ingredients are used, what is the expiry date, what is the price of the product.

Need for convenience has made people oblivious to the fact that most if not all businesses are out to make money, at any cost, even your health.

Here are a few tips to shop wisely and save yourself a lot of trouble and moolah.

  • No emotional shopping: Make a shopping list before your go to the mall. Buy what you really need rather than being tempted by what you see on the shelf. Some amount of discipline here will go a long way in saving yourself a big wad of green paper.

  • Check the ingredient list: Companies are bound by law to display the ingredients used and nutrition facts such as Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Sugars, etc. Once you know your daily plan or caloric requirements, in discussion with your dietician, you can compare the values in the fact list and decide whether the product is suitable for you to consume.

  • Check the expiry date: It should be greater than the date – when you intend to consume the product – by a comfortable margin of 3 – 4 times.

  • Compare prices: across multiple brands, before choosing any item.

  • Avoid ready to eat food: such as ‘…’ Such items contain preservatives which although approved are essentially chemicals. The lesser you consume, the less your body has to work hard to clean your systems.

  • Opt for organic food: if possible. Although more expensive than other products grown using traditional methods, there is little chance of contaminating yourself with the fertilisers and pesticides used, which get deposited in similar food items in trace quantities, which over a period of time build up to toxic levels within our body.

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