What causes Early Knee Arthritis?

  • Past history of any injury to the knee joint
  • Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Overweight/Obesity 
  • Family History
  • Sports injury may be one of these will be important for the early appearance of osteoarthritis knee joint, but one of the most important factors is "Excessive strength training/wrong posture while doing some exercise/yoga.

We should always remember that our knee joint is a closed compartment and intra-articular pressure generally varies with different positions of the knee joint. Beyond 120 degrees intra-articular pressure is causing a sense of uneasiness. Pain will be less beyond that angle, but it may cause interference with cartilage nutrition.Always remember to keep yourself flexible enough for the longevity of your knee joint.

We are still unaware of so many simple approaches for the management of Osteoarthritis knee, because of a very strong lobby in support of Knee Replacement Surgery. We are taking analgesics, they are reducing pain and we are stressing more to affected sites. The increased intra-articular pressure is again one of the common cause which is aggravating our problem. So, take wisely decision on time and prevent unnecessary surgical interventions.