With a growing fan fad for Cricket, the sport itself has assumed varying formats,eventually reaching a star status across the globe.

  As a result, the strain and stress on cricketers today are widespread and increasing. Players need to be more cautious and attentive to their bodies, and take preventive measures to avoid a number of injuries.

Being a high impact sport , one of the most common set of injuries observed in cricketers are knee injuries.

   The most common injuries associated with the knee in cricket occur while bowling.

In the landing stride, bowlers are constantly twisting and putting extreme force through the knee joint, this can then result in a strain or more severely a tear to one or more ligaments or menisci supporting the knee joint. Being the major shock absorbers of the knee joint , injury to meniscus or ligaments could lead to a cascade of early onset degenerative changes in and around the joint.

Another common knee injury in bowlers is patellar tendinopathy, that is inflammation of the quadriceps muscle tendon mainly resulting from overuse and poor technique.

 Due to the pace of the sport and excessive translatory motions, there always remains a risk of injury to the muscles around the knee joint , most commonly the hamstring, quadriceps , ITB and popliteus muscles.

Improper technique,faulty shoes and poor strength can also contribute to stress fractures in and around the knee joint and particularly the shin.

In view of the above, good mobility, strength and flexibility training should be incorporated in the exercise routine.

 Strength training should involve core strength, arm strength, hip, knee and ankle strengthening.  This should be accompanied by a good warm up and cool down routine. Improving stability of the knee and ankle complex along with correction of faulty technique and footwear play a major part in injury prevention. Due to the high impact nature of the sport,good shock absorbing shoes with a medial arch support are suitable.

Another vital part in training involves good rest periods in enhancing recovery of the player.

Good training across a period of time is vital in injury prevention. 

Work hard, pay attention to your body , stay fit!