Early knee arthritis is a common issue today. People in the prime of their life start experiencing knee pain. There are 3 different types of arthritis that can afflict the knees and age is no an indicator. 

 We keep hearing of knee surgeries, it does not need to be the first option. One can try alternative treatments which are less invasive on discussion with the doctor to ease the knee pain. If a person has endured or knows someone who has experienced knee replacement surgery, they know that it is not a pleasant thing to go through.

We discuss below how knee replacement surgery can be delayed or even totally avoided by some knowledge and awareness. 

Normally when one starts experiencing knee pain, they tend to take it a little easy with that leg or they apply some pain relief gel and try to forget that the pain exits.

Lifestyle changes: Simple lifestyle changes need to be adopted. Avoiding junk food and switching to a balanced diet which provide the much needed key nutrients and living an active life can make a huge difference. Wearing the right kind of footwear can also ease the pain and prevent further damage.

Weight Loss and Exercise: Losing weight might help lose the pain. Being just a little overweight can add tremendous pressure on the knee with each step. There is research which shows that loosing even 5 to 6 Kgs of weight could lead to great improvements in the quality of ones’ life. Aerobic, Swimming or Yoga can help one in weight loss, strengthening of muscles and also reduce the pain. 

Working with a Physical Therapist: It is advisable to seek help from a physiotherapist as soon as the problem shows up. Sometimes a proper course of rehabilitation and rest might provide the much needed relief and avoid further deterioration. Our 360 degree knee rehab program targets all the points in the knee and the areas that surround it to drastically improve overall joint health. The sole purpose of this rehabilitation program is to help one recover from the ailment without the need for surgery. In cases where the patient is elderly and has exhausted all other options of conservative management, the replacement process is justified or even recommended. However even in such cases the 360 degree knee rehab program can help easing the post-operative pain and help in the recovery. The sheer number of knee replacement surgeries in India has grown exponentially and it is a worrying trend. Before you opt in for a replacement surgery consider getting healed with physiotherapy to return to a normal pain free life.