Much more than what medication can do, your lifestyle changes can actually help lower the mm/Hg levels and to stabilise your blood pressure too. We want each of you to read and take these five simple steps seriously, because a healthy life is what you deserve, sans the tension and anxiety that can mess it all!

Hypertension or high-blood pressure happens when the levels of mm/Hg goes above 140/90. With such high readings, it is but a fact that the body is at stake for a number of health related ailments, heart diseases, cardio issues and strokes to name a few.

Here are five easy ways to bring down high mmHg or high blood pressure and to manage it too. Please read on!

1. Healthy eating is the key

Not for any other reasons or anyone else, but the old adage 'You are what you eat' holds true here. Eating habits should change, and here's how you can do it. Maintain a food journal and record the amount of food and type of food you eat. This could be for a week to start with, but do monitor the how, when, why and what you eat. While doing that, ensure the amount of potassium in your food as compared to sodium is more. Fresh leafy green veggies in salads or fruits with plenty of vitamins and potassium in them, would work wonders. Should you opt to buy foods straight from the malls, you must check the labels and know the ingredients too.

2. Cut down on alcohol consumption

Love a drink on a Saturday night? Yes, we all do! But limit the intake of alcohol in any form, to two glasses a day for men and one glass a day for women- per day.

3. Brisk walk and half an hour exercise

Sedentary lifestyles too can raise the notch when it comes to high-blood pressure levels. This is why half an hour of workouts or a walk with your family or a pet can help do well to the body, mind and the soul. Do this everyday, and watch the difference for yourself. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) says that simple exercises like walking or doing chores around the house can lower blood pressure. ACSM recommends a half-hour minimum of moderate physical activity five days a week. Talk to your doctor about developing an exercise program.

4. Smoking is bad for health

Don't we just know that to be true? So quit the nicotine habit as fast as you can. Ease into it by reducing the number of smokes per day, and one day you may not need it anymore. To know more about how smoking and nicotine add to the rise of mm/Hg, read what the experts from have to say here.

5. Water to the rescue

Drinking enough water on a daily basis, a simple and very potent way to bring down high-blood pressure has been ignored time and again by us all. Water to the rescue, read what the experts have to say here. Consider a trip to our panel of reputed nutritionists; someone who would be able to check your DNA and advise you on a diet to manage your blood pressure levels.

We want you to live in the pink of health, so be good to yourself and love the body you are in!