We have heard about ill effects of technology with scientists working all around the globe to provide better gadgets with less hazards, but this TEXT NECK is a health hazard which is going to stay for long. Why? Because its not in the gadget its with us. 

What is text neck? 

It is a syndrome in which a person experiences headaches, neck pain, shoulder and upper back pain that manifests from curved posture created by extensive use of technology gadgets. 

How it happens? 

Human head weighs approximately 4.5 kgs, with every 1 inch of neck bent it increases by 100%!! 

Which means your head weighs 22 kgs when you bend it to an angle of 45 degrees!!  Ouch!! 

And your poor neck takes all the weight!! 

Do I have this ?

Well if you use your note pads or mobile phones through most of the day you may have it without even giving you any discomfort or you knowing about it.

What will I experience if I have text neck ?

You may experience one or more of the following

  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Upper back pain
  • Curved or hunched back
  • Rounded shoulders
  • Forward head position

What to do? 


  • The technology which gives you this pain has the solution to it. Download an application which will remind you of your correct posture every time you use your smartphone in wrong posture.
  • Avoid typing, make the most of the voice interactive systems in your devices. Let Siri do the job for you !!
  • Exercise and stretch at regular intervals of half to one hour. 2 minutes every hour is not too much your body demands from you !


  • Chin Tuck

  • Scapular squeezes

  • Prone neck extension

  • Prone arm abduction

  • Snow angles

(Exercises are just for reference purpose, however the technique and repetitions may vary for individual and should be performed after guidance from your physical therapist.)