Any pain which persists for more than 6 months after an injury or first episode is chronic pain. Chronic pain can be associated with back, neck, head, shoulder, and with other joints. When physical pain is present for a long time, it affects a person’s life in multiple aspects – it can result in a depressed mood, poor quality of sleep, fatigue, reduced activity and libido.There are other fallouts too like excessive use of medications, which in turn causes dependency on those medication. In other words, chronic pain can be an out of proportion disability.

It is a constellation of syndromes that usually do not respond to the medical model of care. This condition is managed best with a holistic approach, requiring good integration and knowledge of multiple healing systems.

Comprehensive rehabilitation

Pain Management and Rehabilitation for chronic pain involve a combination of therapies customized to patient medical needs. Therapeutic intervention for chronic pain focuses on relieving pain through specific techniques like hands-on manual therapy, acupuncture, mind-body therapies including biofeedback. 

Get Moving

Customized exercise plans include free exercises and exercises on world-class German machines. These pain-relieving techniques help in lowering the sensitivity of the body towards pain and promotes general body conditioning.

Know thy enemy

Training in self-management of pain is done through patient education wherein we explain about pain science, required lifestyle modifications and how to optimize function, movement and independence. The holistic treatment approach is person-centred which can only be successful with the active engagement of patients in the healing process. 

Body-mind connection

Physiotherapists have extensive training and experience in pain management and work holistically, considering the bio-psycho-social influences of the patient’s condition. AktivHealth Rehabilitation team works on a patient’s overall well-being, and not just on their radiological diagnosis. 

Health is what you feel from inside and not just what you look from outside. We work not only on the patient’s symptoms but also work on the root cause of the problem and aim to avoid its recurrence through preventive therapy and advice. Our goal is to heal your medical issues and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle for long-term recovery and prevention.

So why live with pain when you can get rid of it once and for all!