As you get older, your back needs attention. Here are some tips to help you reduce back pain.


Right nutrition is most essential requirement for back pain. nutrition is provide by sufficient nutrient which gives strengthen to our musculoskeletal system of body. Nutrient which provide sufficient nutrition are:-


Extra weight means extra stress on your body , which lead to back pain .for those that carry weight in the belly region, the strain on the back  only increases. Find an eating plan that works for you, and get your  BMI under control. As we can see today,most of our activities are sedentary which does not strengthen up our back muscles rather they weaken them. It is even more necessary to exercise regularly. But make sure to try it with the guidance of an expert. (Either a PT or Yoga therapist.

  • Regular exercise builds up the strength of our musculature, mobilises & lubricates our joints and improves the flexibility the most required.
  • Not just that even the nourishment to our musculoskeletal system improves with an improved blood circulation.
  • The different activities which help our spine and back to strengthen can be - yogic asanas, sun-salutations(for those who can), swimming, cycling and walking.


As all of us know that we spend lots of time through the day sitting for most of the it is apparent that your back takes the burden of sitting most of time. If a right posture is maintained, it can prevent of our back problems.

Make sure to let your spine take its natural curvature while sitting. you need to keep in mind proper spine alignment not just when watching TV or sitting at your desk at work. The position you sleep in can go in wrong way keeping back pain occur. the best position is on your side in a relaxed fetal position with your knee bent .place a pillow between your legs, so that as you sleep, the top leg does not slide forward, causing a twist in your lower back .consider also using a small pillow under your neck, so that your spine stay in alignment as much as possible.

Remember to focus on your small daily movements, such as how you pick up objects (always bend at the knees)how you carry your purse or backpack(make sure it’s not too heavy and wear your backpack on both shoulder), invest in a new mattress or/and pillow that are firm and prevent your spine to curve, and add some gentle stretching to your morning routine

Dr. Jyotsna Gupta