Dengue is viral fever transmitted by mosquitoes who can fly within 200 meters only. One infected mosquito can infect all members of a family.

May 16 is observed as National Dengue Day in India.

This viral fever has got so much significance during recent years that 'We Need A day To Remind Ourselves just before the Monsoons.'

1) Real Cause of Morbidity (the condition of being diseased) is Dehydration.

Mosquitoes breed in water and Water is the Therapy for Dengue & other viral & parasitic diseases transmitted by mosquitoes.

2) Heavy antibiotics tried and given by Quacks to bring down Fever. Antibiotics do lead to liver and kidney failure. Viral diseases require No Antibiotics.

3) Lack of proper food- Appetite is low due to fever and caretakers feel happy if patient has a bit of noodles/ butter chicken/paranthas/puris, etc.

  • Avoid Heavy Carbs like Maida & Noodles & other tasty foods
  • Avoid Heavy proteins like Meat etc
  • Avoid Fats
  • Simple digestible foods like high protein diluted toned milk, Curd, Chachh, clear soups, Ginger tea and beverages of choice but make sure that diluted milk is used in a ratio of 1:1 with water.
  • A glass of milk would be consumed by taking a beverage twice within an hour or so.
  • Do Not Yield in to the Demanding Kid who wants to have noodles only & throws a Tantrum.
  • No Force Feeding so long as Water/ ORS/ Liquid Diet is given Sips only.
  • Avoid gulping down an entire glass of all of above because of risk of vomiting. Oral Paracetamol becomes difficult choice and injectable therapy is Inevitable.

4) Total Bed rest & No Exposure to Heat/ Sun

5) Basic Hygiene to be maintained by bathing/sponging because of excessive sweating, the only way to bring down fever by giving tablet of Paracetamol 500 mg to adults,every 8 hourly if person is awake.

6) Wear Cottons only as it absorbs sweat, lets it evaporate to bring down fever faster. Synthetic clothes absorb more heat and do not allow evaporation of sweat.

7) Differential Diagnosis with Typhoid and other fevers showing similar symptoms-

Specific antigen for Dengue becomes positive after 3 days and it costs a lot more.

  • Just do a CBC & Widal test on blood. 
  • Total Platelet Count is in a reasonable range, rule out Dengue.
  • Widal Test is Negative on day 3 of fever- It is Not Typhoid.