Insomnia literally means sleeplessness, a state in which an individual is unable toenjoy a sound and restful sleep. It is a condition with which majority ofparticularly the educated mass is suffering from in recent time.

Sleep is one of the most essentialfactors necessary to maintain a harmonious functioning of the constitution,which is composed of mind and body. Sound sleep offers an opportunity to thebody and mind to get refreshed by releasing the tension, accumulated the dayprior and enabling the individual to once again get ready to face theenvironmental onslaughts, keeping physiological functioning within normallimits, It is for this reason adequate sound sleep of about six hours, is asmuch necessary as food, water and air to maintain a good health.

Nowadays, during the time of so calledmodernization, the living of an individual is becoming more and more mechanicaland competitive right form the day he is born till the day of his death.  Day in and day out, he or she is exposed tovarious forms of painful as well as pleasureful experiences, both of themhaving their corresponding effects on the mind and body. In, this competitiveworld every individual feels that he or she posses all the, rights, capabilityand privileges to achieve the maximum. It is a pity that very few understandtheir own limitation. A healthy competition byitself is a good phenomenon butwhen it becomes unhealthy which is the usual case, it leads to undeservingdemands and wants, one tries his or her level best to achieve these fabricatedand hypothecated goals. Many a time s each and every want, is difficult andsometimes beyond reach, to achieve, thus leading to States of f restoration,disappointment, mental agony and a feeling of defeat. All these states thoughtfactual are difficult to accept, gradually thy get buried in our subconsciousmind in the form of unresolved conflicts. After a Cretan period when they crossa threshold, they are expressed, initially through mind in various form ofvarious forms of illusions, delusions, or disturbed mental function and lateronthrough body in the form of a number of stress symptoms. All of these disturbedmental and physical state ultimately resulting disturbed sleep. Mental worrieswither factual or temperamental, brooding tendencies as in introverts, fears,anxieties etc. also considered to be wish fulfilling penomenonal experiences byan individual. But when a particular wish or demand is not fulfilled inreality, thy are seen in modified forms as dreams. Hence, dreams also becomeone of prominent reason for reducing the depth of sleep.

In addition to these, there are number ofphysical expressions like itching, pain, burning etc. Which are usually morefelt at night, disturb sleep. Thus, we have seen that Insomnia or sleeplessnessis not a disease by itself, rather it is an expression of disturbed

Constitutionmay be at mental or physical level.


Disturbed sleep or lack of sleep as, isof no much value, It is the repercussions of these, whether on mind or on thebody which makes it worth considering whenever an individual is devoid itnormal quota of sleep it expresses itself in the disturbance of variousphysiological functioning of the constitution. The most common beingirritability, hypersensitivity, undue worries, fears, nervousness, headache,gastric disturbances like acidity, constipation, bodyach, urinary complaintetc. Majority of these symptoms are temporary and short lasting but ifsleeplessness continues for a prolong period then they develop in tofull-fledged chronic disease involving different target organs.


 To begin with a detailed life history of thepatient is taken so as to assess the factors which disturb sleep.


(a)    Appropriate psychotherapy , diet along withregularization of modes of living are advised .Attempts are made to either reduce or avoid  factor’s (mentalas well as physical)

Whichdisturb natural sleep to come.

(b)    Exercise light freehand exercises, Early morning walk,yogasana, or Tub bath must be encouraged. At the time of going to sleepthoroughly relaxing the muscles of the body is to practice with shavasan..

(c)     Drinking aglass of hot milk just before going to bed is advised which may a help toinitiate a good sleep.

(d)   In some cases reading material of interest issuggested before going to bed so as to divert the trains of thought inhibitingsleep to venture

(e)     Never getAnxious about sleep before going to bed


Medicines must be resorted to only incases when the above measures/step fail to yield desired results. Inhomoeopathy there is no specific remedy like Tranquilizers to induce sleep,Ofcourse there are a number of drugs which do help in bringing about normalsleep provided they are selected on the basis of total number of characteristicsymptoms form which the patient suffer. They are administered on the principleslaid down by the master. Nevertheless. The commonly indicated remedies forsleep disorders may be enlisted as under –

Pulsatilla,, kali phos, Ignation, Coffeatosta,  Ammo valer ,Aquilegia, Daph ind .

Mother tinctures like passiflora, piscidiaand Bach flower remedies like Scleranthus White chestnut.

Finally, it will be not be out of place tocaution that sleep must never be induced with the help of any medicine withouttackling the fundamental cause. The resion being it is one of the expressions,which indicate the physician in regard to the dept of the diseased contitution.If such a mistake is done and sleeps is brought about with the help oftraqulisor or even with the so-called homoeopathic specifics then the case willbecome more complicated and difficult to cure.

Dr. Sanjay Tambe
MD - Homeopathy , FNAHI , PGNAHI
Homeopathic Doctor
31 Years Experience