Hypertension means high blood pressure. It is a force of blood pushing against the wall of arteries. Arteries are blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood from the blood to the body tissue. The American Heart Association has long considered blood pressure less than 140 over 90 is normal for adults. Many people have hypertension without knowing it as it comes with no symptoms sometimes in such case it might lead to major heart disease. The cause of hypertension may be physical, social and environmental. 

For homoeopaths: Homeopaths treat their patients on the basis of symptoms. Does it mean that if patients are having high blood pressure but are symptom-free, he needs no treatment? This theory of homoeopathy does not hold good in this ailment. Clinical examination and investigations are must, same in the case of diabetes mellitus, who may have no symptoms sometimes. One should check out time to time for continuously few days and if it raises above 140/90mm of Hg then definitely go for a consult. 

Beneficial foods in case of high blood pressure: A Large number of vegetables, fruits, multi-grains, fish, nuts, olive oil, good amount of water intake and less salty food, avoid tea and coffee.

Homoeopathic medicines: Remarkable homoeopathic medicines for high BP are- Rauwolfia Q, Passiflora Q, Crataegus Q, Glonoine, Baryta Mur etc. With all the medicinal treatment a pleasant, healthy and happy environment is also the necessity.

"Good Luck and Stay Healthy".

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