To begin with, what is actually JUNK? The dictionary acquaints us with the meaning which says it is referred to something that is rubbish or trash. Shocked? And guess what? A major part of the population relies on junk food. Junk food is definitely known to be scrumptious enough but one should never forget that it is a store-house of innumerable harmful substances and affects the health of humans.

It is surely the most easily available and generally it takes no time to get ready. But it stands at no par with the healthy veggies and fruits available in the market as well. Junk food has nothing but excess of unwanted substances which leads to the downfall of health in humans and also causes food poisoning, increase in cholesterol levels in the body and a lot more. Alternatively, one must be aware of the healthy nutrients and vitamins that our body receives from vegetables and fruits 

Staying away from junk food could appear to be tough in the beginning but if one really wants to keep away from it, here are some basic solutions:

  • Firstly, drinking a lot of water would help in preventing unnecessary cravings.
  • Secondly, eating more protein like dairy products (milk, curd, buttermilk, paneer, eggs, and pulses)  in your diet might reduce your appetite which in turn reduces intake of unnecessary junk food.
  • Stress has also been seen as the major reason for excessive eating, so one should try to fight stress and keep away from it.
  • Practicing mindful eating will make oneself aware about what all ingredients are they consuming and will definitely make oneself more conscious about what to eat and what to discard from the diet.
  • Sometimes, the sleeping patterns also affect the diet as it directly triggers the hormones of the body causing it to fluctuate. One should not starve oneself and eat proper meals on time.
  • And lastly, whenever one is planning to head to the supermarket, it is advisable not to leave home on an empty stomach as it would lead to unwanted cravings and impulsive buying.

Besides mothers and homemakers who have an active role to play in keeping their family and children away from junk food, it is the conscious effort from an individual's end to stay away from junk food.