Sex and Aging: As women age, they have fewer thoughts and fantasies related to sex. Vaginal lubrication is also reduced, and so does sexual satisfaction as per multiple pieces of research. It is mostly attributed to the availability of an interested partner. The declining estrogen levels affect sexuality. It can cause considerable discomfort during intercourse.While young women can be sexually aroused through foreplay which includes touching, kissing, eroticism, role play, and clitoral stimulation, such is not the case as they age. 

Women’s sensitivity to touch and vascular responsiveness diminishes with age. It leads to less genital response and delayed orgasm. Also, there is a considerable reduction in vaginal secretions leading to a longer duration for adequate lubrication.Also, when women cross the age of forty, the duration of orgasm is considerably reduced. Moreover, sometimes the once pleasurable and rhythmic contractions of the uterus become painful with age. Another possibility is very mild contractions making them unsure if actually orgasm is achieved or not. It is recommended by experts for older women to link sex to love and positive emotions for making it pleasurable.

Tips and Tricks About How to Sexually Satisfy Women in the '60s and '70s: There are a lot of hormonal changes take place in the body of women between their ‘40s and ‘50s. For most of the women, it is the most crucial time as they are reaching towards the menopause. Most people think that menopause can also pause the healthy and satisfying sex life. Women can lubricate after menopause. However, it takes longer time and requires more arousal.One should focus on the Replens and foreplay to replace the vaginal moisture. Many women think lubrication makes sex more pleasurable and comfortable. Also, it makes the vagina wetter.

After the ‘60s and ‘70s, the pelvic area of the women gets weak, performing a few exercises will help in such cases.  The best way to build a healthy and satisfying sex life during this age is to have a conversation with the partner about how they like to be touched, kissed, sucked, prefer position, penetrated, etc. Also, make her feel comfortable and confident to engage in sexual activities at this age.

Sex and the Society: The lower levels of sexual activity and desire in older women are strongly interlinked with the associated societal feedback and apathy to the sexual needs of older women. Better sexual well-being can be ensured for older women by changing the attitude of the society at large towards aging and acceptance and acknowledgment of their sexual expression.

Take Away: For younger women, sexual drive and pleasure come easy and quick. Sex life can be very exciting for them. But for older women, a number of physiological factors associated lead to a lesser sex drive and poor expression of sexuality.